TanTrack® has a built in backup utility that will allow you to back up your data anytime you feel the need. We recommend daily back ups for safety.

Ever tried backing up your card system?




TanTrack® can process credit cards right through the software via the internet.  This will allow you to process cards in 1 to 2 seconds via high-speed internet. Hundreds of EFTs in just minutes.


TanTrack® integrates with QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software allowing you to export your cash, check, and credit card payments as well as your time clock data. This will save you a tremendous amount of time.



Employee theft is one of the largest problems facing salons today. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost every year to this form of theft. The problem is that there is nothing you can do to guarantee a 100% elimination of employee theft. However, there are some things you can do to reduce, prevent, or identify it. The key is accurate record keeping and preventative measures. TanTrack® tanning salon software employs several features to allow this.


This feature will allow you to specify the maximum discount percentage that an employee can discount an item. This allows your salon to still bargain with customers as needed but to prevent an employee for selling something too low or for nothing.


Within TanTrack®, you can specify exactly which screens each employee can gain access. And within those screens, many features are individually protected as well. This allows for a very custom security settings within your tanning salon. Each employee also has their own unique ID code and password. All transactions are logged for each employee such as sending a customer to tan and making sales.


The largest problem is the ability for employees to tan people without charging them. In addition to TanTrack®’s ability to require IDs, and valid tanning packages, we also interface to all major timers. A couple of those timers such as T-Max® and CCS Intellitan® have the ability to lock out the panel either by a key or a password. This means that your employees must send all customers to tan by going through TanTrack®. And for you, that means one of the largest employee theft problems has been effectively reduced. Timers are not required to use TanTrack but they do add an extra level of security.

By putting to use these security features, you can realize a serious reduction in your employee theft problems. You may not even be aware that you have problems. Implement a software package and watch your revenue. Adding software also carries an implied sense of “I’m being watched.” This alone can also deter employees from attempting or continuing any theft activities.




TanTrack® comes with quite a few reports. All reports are on the screen they pertain to. Sales reports are under the sales screen. Customer reports are under the customer screen, etc. There are reports for just about everything yet will still continue to add new reports frequently. TanTrack® will provide within seconds information on your whole operation. There are reports that will provide your top 10 products/services/packages/customers. There are demographic reports such as male vs female, age groups. There are inventory reports such as Inventory Levels, Re-Order Report, Items on Sale Price, etc. There are far too many reports to list here. Check out the software and see for yourself! Think how many DAYS or WEEKS it would take to compile the information contained in these reports if you’re on a card system.

The bottom line is that on a card system, you really don’t know what is going on in your salon. It can be very difficult to make decisions as they are not generally based on good factual decision making data about what is going on in your salon.



By using TanTrack® you will have at your finger tips all of the information on your client base. You are able to send out e-mails, and direct mail (by printing mailing labels). Try doing that with a card system.




TanTrack® will allow you to enforce the 24-hour rule if you so choose. Or you can just receive a warning. TanTrack® will also show you the last bed a customer tanned with as well as the length of time they went.

TanTrack® will allow you to see a photo of your client from several screens throughout the program. This will help you to be sure that the person trying to use your tanning salon is, in fact, the person who purchased the tanning package.


Using TanTrack® you will no longer have to deal with misfiled or missing client cards. Even correctly filed cards can take awhile to find thumbing through each one. With TanTrack® just a few keystrokes and you have your client. All of our client searches have smart technology. Each letter you press brings you to the next closest match for your tanning client. There are no more double stacks of cards – inactive cards vs active cards. It’s all kept in one database and very quick to find your clients!