Welcome to TanTrack v3.2.0.2

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There are many new features in this release.

New Features:

  • Ability to store two credit cards on file for EFT processing.
  • Ability for the client to use the card on file for walk-in purchases.
  • Ability to send text/SMS messages to clients when an EFT is declined.
  • Card On File Option – Many salons with receipt printers have asked that we make the receipt printing optional.
  • E-Mailed Receipts – Salons with receipt printers can now be prompted to print, not print, or e-mail the receipt.
  • Service Appointments – When the appointment reminder is e-mailed to the client, it will now contain an ICS file. This file is used by all calendar applications to add the appointment to your calendar.
  • Service Appointments – If enabled on the employee screen and the employee has an e-mail on file, any appointments booked for an employee will send an appointment reminder e-mail and ICS file also to the employee performing the service.
  • Mass Update – Products, Packages, & Services. A new screen that will allow you to update large quantities of items at once to set sale pricing or increase/decrease regular pricing.
  • Remote Appointments – There is now a checkbox when booking any tanning or service appointment to specify that the appointment will be conducted at the client’s (remote) location. There are three new reports as well specifically for remote location appointments. Existing reports have been updated to also note if an appointment is remote.
  • Default Appointment Duration – This duration will be used when booking a tanning appointment and can be set differently for each bed/device.


  • New Welcome Screen – When TanTrack starts up, we have a better way of displaying important news items to you.
  • All third party technology has been updated to the latest available versions.
  • Readability – We’ve increased the font size and contrast throughout. This should make many of the screens more readable, especially on larger monitors with a high resolution.
  • E-Mail Exports – The e-mail export option now includes many fields so you can create better segments when using 3rd party e-mail marketing tools such as mailchimp, etc.