Waiting Room Video Loop

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Are you selling to your captive audience?

Why not put your sales on auto pilot?  If you have clients walking around your store or sitting in your waiting area, you need to take advantage of that opportunity.  Our TanTrack Billboard system will let you create a play list of videos from our huge repository of manufacturer made videos, upload your own videos, show images you create, or even show the current bed status or wait times.  You create the play list, and specify the order and duration of images.  These videos, images, and screens will display over and over in a loop.  You could even generate additional revenue by selling ad space to local businesses!

Our TanTrack Billboard system requires that you purchase one of our low priced mini PC units which will then convert any Smart TV you own (with HDMI Port) into a windows PC that runs our billboard system!

Call our sales team for more information.  972-818-4900