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v3.2.2.0 Feature Rollout: Product Images Made Easy

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TanTrack v3.2.2.0 has a feature update!  Call us to get this new feature today!  


TanTrack now offers built-in data enrichment for your new and existing products. This feature makes it easy to log products correctly in TanTrack so your inventory numbers remain precise. This feature utilizes product SKU numbers related to product barcodes. No more guessing, messing, or stressing about your product inventory accuracy!

How it Works

When you’re adding or modifying a product, simply type the SKU number located below the barcode on the product you’re entering. If the SKU number matches a SKU number in the product database you’ll be prompted to use that information. This information is provided by TanTrack and will include the product name, description, and in most cases a web-friendly product image. This web-friendly image is also used for the self-check-in kiosk and online shopping if your salon offers those features.

Next Steps

Let’s get your salon set up with the latest upgrade. Call our team today to get data enrichment and feature add-ons like Online Bookings and Self-Check-In Kiosks >>> 1 972-818-4900