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v3.2.1.1 About To Release!

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It’s that time of year again.  Where the tanning season is over and the tanning shows begin.  We’re working on the latest version of TanTrack tanning salon software.  There are always a number of “under the hood” updates that take place, while always important,  they’re too boring to announce. They’re the kind of things the excite us nerds but will put the rest of you to sleep.  Actually, we’re usually working on the next TWO versions of TanTrack tanning salon software at any given time.   A pretty frequent practice around here.

As two big shows approach, National Tanning Expo in Nashville (SOLD OUT), and the NorthEast Tanning Expo in Connecticut, we’re about ready to start dropping some hints about what has made the next release.

Note:  We intend to release the next update v3.2.1.1 in mid-October 2022 before the first show.

Here are a few cool features that will be included in v3.2.1.1:

Credit Card Surcharge

You will now be able to specify a % value that will apply to every payment on walk-in sales where a credit card is used. This will also apply to credit card on file Membership/EFT payments.  TanTrack can accept an unlimited number of payment types on a single transaction (Cash/Check/Credit).  For example, the client might want to pay half the bill with cash and half with credit.  The surcharge will apply only to the credit card portion of the payment.  Or another client may wish to pay with two different credit cards.  In that case, the credit card surcharge would apply to two payments.

Membership Discounts

Many tanning salons, in an effort to encourage clients to join the memberships/EFT programs, will offer an automatic discount on products.  Now, TanTrack will apply those discounts automatically. So if your highest level membership wants to include 15% off products, you can do that.  Perhaps your lowest membership may include only 5% off product purchases.  This too will be automatic!

Fitzpatrick Scale

In some states, the Fitzpatrick scale is a required method to calculate a person’s skin type.  While easily manipulated by the client, (go politicians!), the test asks certain questions and then creates a score which then converts to a skin type.  For some states, this is a regulation that these values be recorded.  Now, our client portal will include this ability.  Note, this feature is only available for salons using our client portal which happens to include many other features such as an online store, and online appointment book!

Membership / Package Based Product Discounts

You can now assign an automatic coupon to a tanning package.  When a customer has this package still active, anytime they purchase products, the specified coupon will automatically apply during the sale.  This is very useful for adding value to your recurring / EFT type membership packages.

Wait!  You said TWO versions!

What about the next version we teased about in the beginning of this news story?  That will be v3.2.1.2.  I can’t say much just yet. I can’t even give you an official ETA other than hopefully Q1 2023.

However, there is a complete overhaul to how send to tan works.  That will include very specific features for UV beds, vs Spray Beds, vs some cool new spray unit that is out there with some amazing features, yet to be officially announced.  Let’s just say – we’ll be able to control it.  Completely!

Stay Tuned!