The TanTrack Customer Advantage

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There are many features to consider when shopping for tanning salon software, but development and support top the list. Of all the software out there, TanTrack takes the cake when it comes to the benefits and features, as well as our reputation for customer support and continual development. TanTrack’s commitment to the customer allows salon owners to truly grow and scale their tanning business. Here’s what to look for when considering a software provider and why you should go all-in on TanTrack.


When shopping for new tanning salon software, or any business product for that matter, doing your homework and learning about the company’s reputation is key. Sure, there’s a ton of useful information on the company’s website but getting to know who they are and what they stand for will come out best in testimonials, social media, and even just word of mouth in the industry.

TanTrack has been a leading tanning salon software provider for more than 20+ years. It was developed by tanning salon professionals who truly understand the unique requirements and flow of the business and customer experience. With this in mind, TanTrack allows the salon owner to truly maximize control over the salon through the software, with features that are easy to use. TanTrack is scalable with your business because it continues to scale through software development to meet the growing needs of the industry. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this customer testimonial.

Staffing Structure

Another area to consider when looking into tanning salon software is how the software company functions. Do they have an in-house support team? What about in-house development? How involved is the company with things like customer service, IT support, receiving and implementing feedback, rolling out new features, keeping up with the trends of the industry, and so on?

Most tanning salon software on the market either have outsourced customer support and development or have a very limited staff for it. This is one major advantage of TanTrack. TanTrack has both a dedicated in-house support team and a dedicated in-house development team. This makes a huge difference for customers needing immediate support and allows for little to no downtime for the salon business. New features and updates are quickly rolled out and handled with ease.

In-house teams with focused areas also mean that you as the customer receive expert assistance. Our trained professionals aren’t splitting their time between different roles; they are focused and present with our customers to provide a timely solution for your needs.

Having an in-house development team also creates a unique opportunity for sensible feedback from customers to be implemented in the software. Our team is constantly working with customers to keep up with the latest needs of the industry and expanding functionality on a regular basis. Check out our latest update and a new feature!

Support, Support, Support!

To go a bit deeper into the importance of the staffing structure and reputation, and how they tie together, choosing software with a track record of quality and timely customer support is a key consideration. TanTrack is not a one-size fits all software. In fact, it was built to fit the needs of the salon with features that are customizable, scalable, and responsive to the day-to-day needs of your business. Our team is here to serve you and knowing that you have a team of professionals that are just a phone call away in your time of need is worth its weight in gold. Never underestimate the value of a stacked customer support team.


Of course, once you consider the software company’s reputation, staffing structure, and level of support, a very important area to pay attention to is the software’s features. What good is software that doesn’t meet your business’s needs? TanTrack has features that help salon owners grow their sales, run their business, and analyze and report on their progress. Features like online appointment bookings, customer management, email & SMS text messaging, reporting, and credit card processing are just a few of the many must-have aspects of salon software in today’s market.

Explore all of TanTrack’s features.

Pricing & Plans – Giving You Options

In today’s digital forward world, you need salon software to remain competitive and successful. It’s an expense you know you’ll need to make, but it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to be robust and scalable. TanTrack offers three affordable and flexible plans to help you get started.

Discover which TanTrack pricing plan and software bundle works best for your tanning salon business.

Next Steps

So what’s not to love about TanTrack? It truly checks all the boxes and then some when it comes to functionality, support, status, and value. Ready to go all-in? We hoped you’d say so! Give our sales team (also an in-house, focused team!) a call to get the process started or book your free demo online today.

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