What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Store Salon Data?

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Tanning salon software is complex. It needs to be easy to use, fast, and reliable. Salon owners require speed and security to manage databases, inventory, equipment timers, and credit card processing. So, when it comes to data backup and loading time, how do salon owners get the most value for their dollar?

PC Back-up Does Not Keep Data Safe

Many salon owners – especially those with one location – forgo any sort of extra backup technology, opting to rely on the ability of their desktop computer to store their data. While this option comes at no additional cost upfront, it comes with a steep risk and a major cost if something were to go wrong.

Many things can happen to a physical computer – theft, damage, manufacturer error, hard drive crash, cyberattack… the list goes on. Even a small technology hiccup can corrupt a database, and without a backup, a salon will lose all client data. Without client data – contact information, purchase history, future appointments, memberships or subscriptions, credit card numbers – a thriving business will go back to a blank slate. Software can easily be re-installed, but the data that populated it cannot.

While we don’t recommend it, salon owners who choose to use their salon PC as the only storage of their business data must commit to maintaining the computer properly. That includes preventing staff from downloading, installing, and sharing non-work-related files and applications; performing regular business software backups and storing them on an external hard drive; and following prompts to update security safeguards.

The Benefits and Downsides of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides a more secure option for larger or multi-location salons. It requires the purchase of a server that is then kept onsite – usually in a back closet – and most likely enlisting an IT company to help operate and maintain it. A dedicated server stores a tanning salon’s data, provides security patches to all computers and devices connected to it, and equipment to talk to each other.

The downside of a dedicated server is that it is only as robust and as up to date as the salon owner makes it. For example, a server may provide automatic backup and automatic software updates, but this can only happen when a system is shut down. If salons only restart their computers once per week, they could lose 7 days of data in a power outage or business disruption. Other security patches or updates may need to be manually applied to the system. Salon owners also need to periodically replace PCs, kiosks, and other hardware when using a dedicated server to ensure software runs at full speed on the latest technology.

Cloud-based Hosting can Offer More for Less

Cloud-based hosting, on the other hand, relieves salon owners of the risk of PC back-ups, the cost of an on-site server, and the responsibility of both. Instead, cloud hosting companies use their own vetted Internet server network to deliver guarantee speed, uptime, backups, and security without the intervention of the salon owner.

TanTrack’s parent company, Nichesoft, works with data centers all over the world so that we can offer Cloud-based hosting for TanTrack data in an ideal way for every salon owner using it – whether they own one salon location or hundreds. Data is stored on secure servers that are backed up automatically every 60 seconds and monitored 24/7 for intrusion attempts. This ensures customer data is as safe as possible. We can also scale computing power as needed by adding more speed during peak tanning seasons and decreasing during slower times. As salon businesses grow, we make it easy to add speed and bring more locations online.

Unlock More TanTrack Features with Cloud-based Hosting

Salon owners have the choice to use the TanTrack tanning salon software platform with their PC, a dedicated server they manage themselves, or Cloud-based hosting managed by Nichesoft. We continue to invest time and money into making our cloud-based hosting option the best in the industry, and the most cost-effective option for salons.

Choosing cloud-based hosting also gives customers the ability to take advantage of premium TanTrack add-ons such as:

  1. Client Portal – an online client self-service system that allows customers to book online tanning and salon service appointments, update their billing information, sign up as a new client, and complete online shopping transactions for pickup. The Client Portal can be accessed through any modern browser via PC/Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone. Client activity is updated directly into the salon’s database in real time.
  2. Back Office Remote Reporting – an online reporting system with more than 40 reports salon owners can view remotely and in real time using any modern web browser via PC/Mac, Tablet, or Smartphone. In addition, there are many management functions available such as the ability to edit employee security or time clocks.
  3. Credit Card Processing – TanTrack offers built-in credit card processing with two processing partners – Worldpay from FIS and Global Payments Integrated – which will meet or beat a salon owner’s current rates. Learn more about this feature and 5 ways salons overpay for credit card processing here.

TanTrack Cloud-based hosting costs less than $25 per month but unlocks unlimited ways a salon owner can grow their business. Get all the benefits of the Cloud without giving up performance. Get all the benefits of an in-house dedicated server without the investment and upkeep. Get all the benefits of an enterprise-level hosting environment at a small-business price point. Get TanTrack Cloud-based hosting today.