TanTrack Technical Support

A full purchased copy of TanTrack includes 30 days of technical support, starting from the date of installation.  A lease version of TanTrack includes technical support as long as the lease remains active.  Our support always includes technical support during normal business hours, as well as access to all updates released during your support term.  Support covers TanTrack itself including general operation and configuration.  We do offer after hours support as well. Customers with a support agreement pay only $25 per issue, and customers without a support agreement will pay $75 per issue.  After hours support calls will ONLY cover emergency situations.  No general questions, or re-installations are handled by after hours support.

Support does NOT include hardware items unless those items are purchased through Nichesoft directly by the current owner of those items.  While we are happy to provide assistance on just about any sort of hardware issues, there will be a fee of $75 per issue as in those special cases, we’re working simply as a for-hire support firm that happens to have some specific industry expertise.  

Because we cannot control the results of these situations, please keep in mind that you are paying for technical labor.  However, we are happy to apply those fees towards to the cost of one of our supported units which would include unlimited support for the original owner as long as that purchase takes place within 1 business day of the hardware support fee.