TanTrack Tip of the Month: Scaling Your Business with Online Features

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The beauty industry is all about convenience, luxury, and customer service. Clients are looking to book services or purchase products that speak to their personality and passions. Often they turn to internet to search and book these experiences, with the ultimate convenience of being able to do so at any time of the day. 

Without digitalizing your customer care experience, you could be limiting your brand’s exposure and missing out on quick opportunities to capture new customers. While many hair, nail, tanning, and beauty salons rely on positive word of mouth and referrals for new business, having online capabilities to book or purchase services and products is an affordable way to unlock a steady line of new business.

So how do you offer online booking and other digital conveniences? The solution lies within your salon management software. If you have an outdated system that can’t scale with your growing business needs and adapt to the global digitalization trends, this could be a major hinderance not only for getting and retaining business but even day-to-day operations. Having one system that manages your online and in-person appointments, employee scheduling, products and inventory management, services and packages, payment processing, and information will give you more freedom and flexibility as a manager to offer the best customer care experience possible.

Making the proactive switch to a cloud-based software solution that can meet the needs of your business and customers has never been easier. Proactive measures to make sure the right software is in place will save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress should something with your old system fail unexpectedly. Many older, unsupported systems are one glitch away from crashing and causing major front of house headaches and maybe even business down time. The investment in the right software system will not only solve the clunky, old, unsupported system’s problems, but it will streamline your salon management process and unlock the new possibilities of reaching more people with your brand.

Online appointment booking is just one of the many add-on features of TanTrack, a software solution designed by tanning and beauty industry experts. Deemed one of the “easiest systems to use” by salon managers across the United States, TanTrack is an affordable, intuitive, and scalable salon software solution that can help you take your business and customer care experience to the next level. Just ask us how! Showing is WAY better (and more fun!) than telling! Let us walk you through TanTrack and answer your salon management questions on the spot. Request a software demo today.