TanTrack Tip of the Month: Leverage TanTrack for Marketing Your Salon

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In over 20 years on the market, TanTrack has earned the reputation as the industry’s easy-to-use and affordable tanning salon software. But easy-to-use does not mean plain, simple, and boring. In fact, TanTrack has a full spectrum of robust features and capabilities that can help you manage your salon efficiently AND scale your business through integration, marketing tools, reporting, and more. Far from basic and boring!

With a meaty system like this, the sky’s the limit. The key to leveraging these tools within TanTrack is to create a culture of communication. Constant customer nurturing and communication will help you maintain and grow a good book of business. And your software should aid in this process, not hinder you!

Here are three TanTrack features that can help you market your salon:

  1. Emailing

Email is a popular and powerful form of customer communication. It can be used to send appointment reminders, birthday wishes, promotional offers, and important salon updates. TanTrack makes it easy to integrate your customer data with popular email engines like Constant Contact or MailChimp to make this process even more seamless.

Pro Tip! We recommend sending at least one piece of email communication a month to your database. This helps to keep your salon brand top-of-mind for your customers and can lead to increased frequency of business.

2. Online Booking with Client Portal

This is an add-on feature of TanTrack, but well worth the investment to upgrade. The Client Portal is an online platform that offers online tanning and salon service bookings, account information and management from the customer’s standpoint, and a full online shopping experience. It is fully integrated to the live TanTrack cloud-based data system, so any updates, new bookings, appointments, sales, or offerings are instantly reflected. This feature is available as an add-on for TanTrack or included with full lease option of the system. Ask us how.

Pro Tip! Online booking capabilities, like the Client Portal offers, gives your customers 24/7 access to your brand and services. Developing a website and integrating online booking features will set your tanning salon apart and give you a competitive edge against salons who rely on word-of-mouth referrals and social media channels alone.

3. Text Messaging

Customer-based businesses are embracing SMS text messaging for all sorts of customer communication such as appointment reminders or limited time offers. Now a days, you’re hard pressed to find someone without a cell phone. So leveraging this marketing tool for your salon can set your business apart from competitors who are relying on older, more outdated methods of earning new business. TanTrack offers built-in text messaging capabilities. This ability requires a text messaging plan that we can help set you up with. We also offer a free trial period if you want to try it before you buy it.

Pro Tip! When crafting a text message offer, remember to keep it simple. Include an image and a bold call to action with a link to book an appointment. The more time sensitive the offer, the better! This will catch the reader’s attention and prompt them to act.

Staying in front of your customers and ideal clients is crucial in this day in age, especially with the world-wide web, advanced technology, and social media. Your salon management software system should provide you with the proper tools you need to effectively communicate with your customers and grow your business in these modern times. Interested in learning more about these TanTrack add-on marketing features? Let us know! We are here to help make your tanning salon business stand out, flourish, and shine!