Optional Add-On
Equipment & Hardware

TanTrack offers optional hardware to get you up and running, giving you maximum control over your tanning salon business.

Digital Menu and Billboard

With a simple add-on device, you can turn any smart TV into a completely controllable menu and video display for your waiting area. Engage customers with sales videos from our huge library of manufacturer provided video loops, share your own custom videos or images, display the wait times for beds, and more! You can create and control your playlist directly from TanTrack!

Widescreen Monitor

We offer a variety of flat widescreen monitors ranging from 19" to 27". The larger the monitor, the more data you can display with larger fonts for easier reading and reduced eye strain. Monitors are available in touch and non-touch versions.

Client Displays

Client displays are customer facing screens that show each item being added to their sale, the grand total, the amount due, as well as each form of payment provided. We offer displays in both pole and table top styles. In some states, these displays are required by law

Fingerprint Scanner

Adding a fingerprint scanner is such a time saver! It allows you to complete tasks where security credentials are required by simply tapping your finger on the scanner. TanTrack can also be configured to pull up a client or start a session by their fingerprint. A fingerprint scanner can also prevent time clock theft when employees are clocking in or out of the system.

Barcode Scanner (1D)

A bar code saver allows you to quickly scan the bar codes found on your products to automatically add the item to the sales ticket. You can use this to quickly look up the price of a product. It will also help to eliminate mistakes as product names are often very similar such as a package or bottle of the same lotion. Our barcode scanners use ACTIVE lasers, not passive lasers so that you can read even a poorly printed barcode and do not have to be close to the item to get a successful scan.

Barcode Scanner (2D)

A 2D barcode scanner is a step above the 1D barcode scanner. It will scan products, just like a 1D but it also adds the ability to scan 2D barcodes. Thes types of codes include what you often find now on the back of driver's licenses. With this 2D barcode scanner, you can also setup new clients simply by scanning the 2D barcode on the back of their license. This 2D feature is not yet available in all states so please check your license and confirm this ability with our sales team.

Key Tag (Check-In) Scanner

A key tag or check-in scanner is used to pull up clients by a key tag card usually stored on their key ring. These scanners are regularly used in salons and health clubs / gyms. They use an active laser scan with an overlapping or spider web type of pattern so that key tags can be scanned from any angle the customer provides to the scanner. Custom printed key tags are available.

Receipt Printer (Desktop)

This desktop receipt printer is very fast and very quiet. Our thermal printers print up to 6" per second and use heat to print. This means absolutely no ribbons to change! Drop in loading allows you to effortlessly and quickly reload paper into the printer without having to feed it through rollers. It features a built-in auto-cutter so you never have to pull & tear the receipt. It can be configured to print your logo on each receipt.

Cash Drawers

Our cash drawers are made with stainless steel for maximum durability. They are available in three sizes - 14x16, 16x16, and 19x15. A key lock and two keys are included. Some models feature media slots for allowing items to be inserted without requiring an open drawer. A till is included for either US or Canadian currency per your delivery location. A receipt printer is required if you want the drawer to open automatically from TanTrack. You can always open the drawer as well by turning the key.

Drawer Accessories

We offer additional drawer tills to make employee shift changes faster, and safer by allowing an employee to come on shift with a ready counted drawer so that the employee leaving their shift can count out their till in a secure back room rather then up at the front counter. We also offer lockable till covers so you can store your pre-counted tills safely. If you prefer to mount your drawer under your counter, we offer a mounting kit for some models. Replacement keys for the till locks and drawers are also available.

Credit Card Terminal Stands

Credit card terminals are very sensitive pieces of equipment. There are drop sensors built-in that prevent tampering. To prevent these devices from being tampered with, dropped, or stolen, we offer desk stands. The stands are to be bolted into your desk area. Some stands are fixed position - they do not move. Other stands are swivel meaning the customer can turn the stand to their comfort level when being used. The stands are also available in two sizes, short or tall.

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