TanTrack is Ever-Evolving, Just Like Your Business

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TanTrack provides the most comprehensive software for tanning salons and unlocks it all for users in one monthly price. Our long list of features comes from a combination of our 20 years in the tanning industry and feedback we receive from salon owners and employees who have seen how technology can make their business more efficient and profitable. Our goal is to make you more successful. Our developers can achieve that by continuously improving TanTrack with new features and enhancements.

That’s why we are excited to launch TanTrack v3.2.1.0 on February 1, 2022 with new features including:

  • Customizable themes to match brand colors or personal style preferences
  • Higher resolution levels for improved display quality on larger monitors
  • Enhanced vacation hold with an easy way to prorate and calculate
  • New ways to organize profit and loss reports
  • Enhanced speed and workflow
  • Modernized graphics and email designs
  • Added support for new shortened URL link requirements in text messages
  • Upgrades to all third-party technologies used in TanTrack

One of the new features we are most excited about is that TanTrack will now offer the option to run electronic funds transfers (EFTs) without operator intervention. That means subscription renewals can be scheduled to run daily or every X number of days as specified by the salon owner and tried for a specified number of attempts. If declined, a text message will automatically be sent to clients to let them know, along with a link for them to update their card on file. This feature will require a second MID from your credit card processor, so please talk to our sales or support team for more details if you are interested.

Our development team is always looking to stay one step of ahead of business technology needs, from next level credit card processing capabilities, adjusting for changing regulations, and anticipating new equipment, to supporting the sales, marketing, and accounting side of the business. If you are new to TanTrack, the features and enhancements added in the last two years alone can give salon owners the power they need to bring customers in and keep them coming back.

In 2021, TanTrack launched the ability for online stores and online purchases. We added more data cleanup capabilities to comply with state privacy laws, including the ability to remove sensitive data such as fingerprints from inactive clients without the need to delete a client from the system. And we continued an ongoing integration to Global Payment Systems, Inc. (GPI) into the TanTrack self-check-in kiosk and client portal systems.

In 2020, TanTrack released two sets of updates that involved customization and automation within reports and client records, pop-up notifications when important items like a client release have expired, document storage, and the ability to indicate consignor contacts in order to track product sales and commissions. Three major improvements to the customer experience were in the form of remote payments from a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and paperless forms. The TanTrack kiosk has a built-in touchscreen. With the paperless capability, customer forms can display on the kiosk for them to read, accept and sign with their fingertip, and then save and store in their account.

If you haven’t checked out these features yet, or learned about our affordable monthly payment for a robust tanning business software platform, check out our Features section or, better yet, request a demo today.