TanTrack Billboard is a combination of hardware (USB Computer, TV) and software.  It works by plugging our USB PC stick into any modern TV’s HDMI port.  This then turns that TV into a Windows 10 PC complete with Wi-Fi!

Our custom developed software then enables you to have digital signage in the form of a video loop in your reception area or even a menu board behind your counter.  You can create your play lists independently for each device by uploading your own images or videos or pulling from our large repository of videos from major lotion and bed manufacturers.  We have hundreds of videos for you to choose from and you can use as many as you like!

You can also enable slides that show the current waiting list times or bed status.

This helps you educate and market the products and services you offer to the captive audience in your waiting area with up to date information provided direct from the manufacturers.


The USB Mini PC is a small device measuring just a few inches long.  It plugs into the back of your TV into the HDMI port found on most modern televisions.  It is a fully-functional Windows 10 PC.  TanTrack Billboard runs on this PC and uses your wi-fi network to download and display videos and images.