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Automated Spray Tanning on the Rise

Because of spray tanning’s quick and easy application, long-lasting natural glow effects, and minimal health concerns, tanning salons are discovering new ways to offer this service conveniently, affordably, safely, and sustainably. One way that is rising in popularity is through automation. … Read More

Best Practices for Managing Your Tanning Salon Product Inventory

Managing product inventory for your salon can get messy quickly. Especially if you do not have a system in place to properly track your inventory. Instead of spending hours on end in your stock room or counting products on the shelf, there are a few simple best practices you can adopt to make inventory management smooth and effortless. … Read More

Preventing Employee Theft with TanTrack

What can tanning salon owners do to reduce employee theft? Implementing TanTrack, designed specifically for tanning salons, can do the trick. … Read More

TanTrack Tip of the Month: Scaling Your Business with Online Features

The beauty industry is all about convenience, luxury, and customer service. Clients are looking to book services or purchase products that speak to their personality and passions. Often they turn to internet to search and book these experiences, with the … Read More