Self Check-In

What to Consider When Choosing Software for Your Tanning Salon Business

Another tanning salon busy season comes to a close. But every tanning salon owner knows that this “off” season time is when important considerations and decisions need to be made about your business to prime it for the next fiscal year. Here are our top recommendations and things to consider when choosing a new tanning salon software and why TanTrack is the winning choice. … Read More

Don’t Neglect Salon Staff Training

In any business, the ever-evolving list of to-do’s can be constant, making it easy to overlook important tasks like providing proper (and frequent) staff trainings and development opportunities. Tanning Salons are no different. The employment market is competitive and research shows a positive correlation between competent, happy, and fulfilled staff and thriving business. … Read More

Changing Tanning Salon Trends and How to Adapt Your Business

Here are three ways that you can adapt to the changing trends within the indoor tanning industry to better understand your customers and how your business can grow now and into the future. … Read More

2023 Marketing Ideas for Tanning Salon Owners

Now that the first month of the new year is under your belt, it’s time to crack down on your marketing strategy for your tanning salon to ensure maximum success throughout 2023. To help you get ahead of the hustle and bustle of each month and the various peaks and valleys throughout the salon season, we’ve compiled a complete list of marketing ideas, helpful tips, and key seasons for your salon to capitalize on this year. … Read More

Self Check-In Kiosk

TanTrack Self Check-In Kiosk system allows customers to tan, purchase lotions, tanning packages, and even get educated by playing videos fro the salon playlist. … Read More