Stay Top of Mind with TanTrack SMS Text Messaging

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In today’s modern age, you’d be hard pressed to find someone 18-years of age or older without a smartphone within arm’s reach. Phone calls, emails, text messages, calendar reminders, pictures, entertainment, social media, and on and on. The list of functions and capabilities cell phones are utilized for on a daily basis is ever expanding. So when it comes to running your tanning salon and communicating with your clientele, these little gadgets should not be ignored. That’s why TanTrack offers built-in text messaging functions that are seamlessly integrated with your business.

Making your business mobile-friendly – from your website all the way to how you communicate – has many advantages. One study by Digital Examiner shows that nearly 80% of smartphone users have made a mobile purchase in the last 6 months. With this in mind, staying in front of your customer’s on their mobile devices is key.

TanTrack can help you stay top of mind using SMS text messaging to schedule and even automate messages with your clients based on their purchases and salon activity. Having this integration with your TanTrack software gives you real-time data that you can act on in a matter of seconds. Want to run a flash sale? Send a text blast to all customers with a mobile number in their account. Have open tanning beds later in the week? Send a text to customers who haven’t been in the salon for a while to invite them back in at a discount. Appointment reminder calls not resonating? Save time and automate them with text messaging! Name the scenario, and you can use TanTrack to craft a message and send it out to your database.

One of the top priorities of TanTrack is to give you one robust yet easy-to-use salon management software that can grow and scale with your business. Another priority is to make the software customizable to fit your salon needs. This is why TanTrack offers multiple data plans for text messaging. With your TanTrack subscription, mobile texting data plans start as low as $15/month for 250 text.

Talk with our Sales Team today to learn more about TanTrack’s SMS text messaging features or request a full demo of TanTrack to discover even more exciting salon solutions!