Running a Tanning Salon 101

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Our top recommendations for productivity, efficiency, and success!

Whether you’ve been in the tanning industry for a while now or you’re just starting out, the trends and tools available for business owners of any kind are continually evolving. Salon business owners can benefit from learning new skills, methods, and solutions that can help streamline business operations and alleviate backend and frontend bottlenecks. TanTrack software continues to keep up with these evolutions to help business owners and salon managers run a successful business, both from a profitable standpoint and an efficiency one. Here are our top recommendations for tanning salon business owners to adopt.

Go Paperless

The move towards totally digital is not new but is growing stronger. You are likely utilizing a number of online or computer-based operations for things like accounting, scheduling, and even customer communication, however, many salons are still tracking some customer information and important business data in paper format. Turn your piles of paper into manageable information for your business with things like digital release forms, digital reports, inventory management, online scheduling for clients and employees. Your current software doesn’t do all that? Talk to us at TanTrack to learn more about our capabilities, features, and benefits.


Repeatable processes are ideal for automation. Appointment reminders, credit card processing receipts or notifications, customer surveys, and package renewals are just a few examples of the types of communications that can be streamlined through an automation process. Many softwares have this capability but require initial set up. There can be a lot of work up front to get these workflow processes in place, but once you do, the benefits of timely communication that automation can bring will be 10-fold. Talk to your software provider about how to set up automation or when you switch to TanTrack, our team can help get you acquainted with the process.


Social media continues to be a driving influence for customer buying behaviors and interests. Make sure your salon is active on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to help engage with customers, highlight your brand, and generate new relationships. Never underestimate the power of connection and truly being present and authentic on social media.

Ask for Help

Have you tapped into the full breadth of capabilities of your business tools? From your accounting software to your salon management software and even your credit card processing system, there are likely a dozen or more features and capabilities you may have access to that you might not even know about. And if you did know about them and knew how to use them properly, it could really be a game change for your business. Asking for help, recommendations, or training can be a positive turning point for growth and success. At TanTrack, we listen to our customers concerns and make software updates and enhancements to meet their needs. Because of that, the capabilities list of TanTrack is ever-growing. When you run into a pain point as a salon owner, it’s possible the problem already has a solution in place that you may not be aware of or that it’s a problem others in the industry are experiencing and speaking up can help lay the groundwork for change. Our customer service and technician team at TanTrack takes pride in problem solving for our customers. So don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Stuck in an old software version? Time for an upgrade. Are you manually entering credit card transactions into two or more spots to balance your books? Time for an upgrade. Have old, unsightly hardware that gives you and your customers grief on a regular basis? Time for an upgrade! Look around your salon and take stock of your tools, systems, hardware, and other technologies and infrastructures. Has it been a while since you’ve invested in them? There’s a saying that goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and while that may ring true for many things in life, it can be a death sentence for a business. Being open to new upgrades and changes will keep you and your business nimble and strong, giving you a competitive advantage in the industry. Customers notice when you invest in your business and the customer experience. If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, it might be time to consider some changes.

These key recommendations can help you identify parts of your salon business that need extra attention. If you feel like your software is holding you back from accelerating at any one of these areas, it might be time to explore your options. TanTrack tanning salon software was designed to be completely user friendly while still providing all of the necessary tanning salon function you need to run a smooth and successful business.

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