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With all scheduling on one screen, you can book clients faster and pick their favorite services and equipment faster. See it for yourself.

24/7 Self Check-In, Welcome Screens & More

Check out our Kiosk options and welcome screens to make your client check-in easier and faster. Promote your products even when you’re not there.

Employee Management

All your people management needs in one place, from time control to tanning permissions and theft avoidance. Learn more about these features.

Digital Signing

Become paper-free with digital signing agreements, waivers, and documents. Speed your business and get sales faster.

Equipment Control

TanTrack works with every bed brand and equipment. Over 5,000 salons actively using the software.

Cloud Hosting

Access your salon data anytime, anywhere, while keeping up performance in your salon. Learn how the cloud works for the tanning industry.

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