TanTrack: Robust yet Easy to Use Tanning Salon Software

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Reputations for any service, software, or product on the market are worth their weight in gold when endorsed by the right people. And positive reputations aren’t built overnight either. It takes years of showing up for your clients and providing real solutions to their problems time and time again.

TanTrack has been an industry leader in the tanning salon software market for over 23 years. And one thing we hear frequently from our clients is that the system is highly user-friendly. While this seems like a straightforward and maybe even a minor feature to some, for others who know the struggle of an outdated, overly complicated, and counterintuitive platform, it can be game-changing.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have countless reviews that prove TanTrack to be one of the market’s leading tanning salon software and one common theme is just how accessible and user-friendly the software is. Check out just a few of our top reviews:


“We use the TanTrack program by Nichesoft in our salon and we love it!!! TanTrack is easy to access and very user-friendly. Training my employees is easier than ever. Not to mention how simple the record keeping is, the program does it all and that makes my life easier. The technical support team is always available and willing to help. I credit the smooth operation of my salon to this program. We couldn’t ask for anything more in our TanTrack software!!!” – Anonymous

“I have been a customer with Tantrack since 2009. They are truly amazing. Call backs are done ASAP. Always ready to help with questions and very patient and kind with direction. They make everything easier and offer so many great ideas on what you can improve on.” – Patricia B.

“TanTrack has been wonderful for our salon. We searched around for a few months on the best software for our salon, each of us loaded and played with each program and agreed unanimously that TanTrack was the easiest and most efficient to use. There are constant updates and the very few times we used technical support the service was above and beyond. We have had the program for two years now and are still very pleased with our purchase. You can’t go wrong with TanTrack!” – All Seasons Tan

 “I have been in the tanning industry for thirteen years (since I was 19). I am also a service tech and have been doing work in salons from Maine to Maryland and over to Pennsylvania. I have seen all the programs available and heard all the “horror stories”… I can honestly say that I have not heard anything negative about TanTrack. I have heard how easy the program is to use and how much others like it. I can say from my own experience that the program is the best I have worked with and tech support is just as good.” – Anonymous


TanTrack continues to keep a pulse on the pain points of our clients and the industry as a whole. We work with our clients to solve real issues for their salons and implement helpful changes to the software so that we are always staying in synch with what our clients need and where the industry is headed.