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Pick 6: TanTrack’s 2023 Roundup

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Every month, TanTrack proudly curates and distributes timely resources, information, tips, and insights to tanning salon professionals. Here are our top 6 MUST-READ blog posts of 2023:

This article is filled with tangible ideas that you can implement in your tanning salon to really drive business growth during your 2023-2024 busy season.

Memberships and product promotions are the secret weapon for tanning salons to gain monthly recurring revenue. This type of sales growth can be game-changing for your business.

Not only does TanTrack take the cake when it comes to ease of use and the depth of practical, salon industry-inspired features but it also is first in class with customer service and support. Learn more about what makes TanTrack the best tanning salon software on the market.

If you’re running your tanning salon business without really knowing your sales numbers and trends, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. Learn more about the in-depth reporting features and capabilities TanTrack offers to give tanning salons a competitive edge.

Do not underestimate the power of customer user experience when it comes to purchasing your services and products. This article highlights key ways to improve your PoP experience to help drive engagement and grow your sales.

Technology is advancing at an incredible speed and at the heart of it all is data. Your business data is your company’s most valuable asset when it comes to growth. Make sure it is securely protected with a tanning salon software that knows how to properly store and backup your information.

To learn more about how TanTrack can serve your tanning salon business and help you grow in 2024, book a FREE demonstration with our team today! New customers to TanTrack pay nothing until January 2024! Ask about this deal on your demo call.