No More Missed E-Mails!

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Did you know TanTrack has all sorts of e-mailing abilities?

  • E-mail when beds are dirty for too long.
  • E-mail to clients when an EFT payment declines.
  • Welcome e-mail for new clients with links to your social media pages.
  • Nightly totals (sales, refunds, new clients, and visit count)
  • Appointment confirmations (When Booked) and includes a calendar attachment.
  • Appointment reminders a couple of days before the appointment.

You can enable or disable these features in the Tools/Options area.

These e-mail features USED to require that you configure your e-mail settings.  However, so many people change their e-mail password or have various restrictions by the e-mail provider, many times these e-mails would not send until you corrected your settings.  This was a common issue especially when salons use “free” e-mail providers such as google, yahoo, etc.

At no extra cost to you, we have made some enhancements!

We felt these e-mails were an important part of your success.  With the latest version of 3207 (dated 8/2021 or later) we’ve now built-in the e-mailing of administrative e-mails to use OUR servers.  This way, no matter what your e-mail settings are, you’ll always get your important notices sent out.  You can check your version by clicking HELP on the menu at the top, then clicking ABOUT.  You’ll see your version # and EXE Date.  Version should be 3207 or higher and EXE Date should be dated August 2021 or later.  If you aren’t on this version or newer, reach out to our support team at 972-818-4900 (Option 4) to request the latest update!

We’ve also built this ability into our back-end applications such as client portal (online store & appointment booking), and back office (online management reporting) systems to make sure all your new client signups and password resets are always sent.

E-Mail marketing still uses YOUR credentials & E-Mail provider at this time.