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Nichesoft Company Showcase

Tanning salon owners across the country swear by the TanTrack salon software program from Nichesoft. More than 60 percent of these tanning professionals turn to TanTrack after using other software programs. There’s a reason why so many salon operators are trusting TanTrack to operate their livelihoods. If you’re wondering what that is – if you’re contemplating a software switch, yourself – you owe it to yourself and your business to find out why TanTrack is so popular in the indoor tanning industry.

Ease of Use

When it comes to tanning salon software, TanTrack is considered very easy to use. “We hear it from our clients all the time,” said Jeff Oakes, President of Nichesoft, makers of TanTrack. “After they try it for the first time, they always say, “Is that all you have to do?” Oakes and the rest of the TanTrack team have been developing and upgrading their tanning salon software system since 1999. This constant dedication continues to keep TanTrack on top.

The Leader in Innovation

People use their phones to do everything these days, including paying for indoor tanning memberships. Does your tanning salon software offer EMV/smart-card technology? If you answered “yes,” you must have TanTrack. If you said “no,” you should consider converting to this software. Oakes explained, “Our software program allows your tanners to put using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and similar technology. We were the first tanning industry software vendor to offer this, and we got it to market very quickly.” This is a great example of TanTrack’s dedication to innovation.

Business-Building Analytics

Analytics is the driving force behind how business is done in the digital age. This includes indoor tanning. Does your tanning salon software run reports you can use to track your success? TanTrack software allows you to run 300 unique and different data reports to track every aspect of your business. “Everything from active clients list, sales data, active packages, and so much more can be determined at the push of a button,” Oakes explained. “We’re more than happy to show you a demo of how all of this works.”

Convert to TanTrack Today

Switching to TanTrack tanning salon software is an easy, two-step process. First, the company pulls a copy of your database, then runs a test conversion. This tells Nichesoft how long it will take to convert your data. It also allows the company to generate some reports for you to review.
The last step is to schedule a time for the final conversion. Of his company’s process, Oakes explained, “Generally speaking, most conversions take roughly an hour. We’ve done hundreds if not thousands of software conversations, and we’ll handle your salon’s data in a professional manner.”

Contact TanTrack Today!

Converting tanning salon software might is a process, and it’s one that TanTrack knows well. If you’re ready for the latest innovation in tanning salon business software, call Nichesoft at 877.488.2901, or visit to see a remote live demo. “We invite everyone to stop by and see us at the Smart Tan tradeshow in Nashville,” Jeff Oakes added. “You can find us at Booth 327, where we’ll answer all your questions about tanning salon software!”