Closed For Thanksgiving

Our offices will be closed for Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 23rd, 2023. We will re-open for Black Friday on November 24th, 2023 at 8AM CST until 5PM CST. Happy Thanksgiving! Frequently Asked Questions How long do I cook the Turkey? 13

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busy season

Your Guide to Growth During the Salon Busy Season

As the seasons start to shift, so do the traffic patterns of the tanning salon! More and more customers frequent indoor tanning services during the winter months making Fall to Spring the salon “busy season.” Here’s a guide to help you grow your tanning salon business in the coming months, with promotion ideas you can implement monthly to retain and engage existing customers, attract new ones, and drive profit overall. … Read More

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Digital Signage in Reception / Waiting Room

Digital Signage is Built-In!

TanTrack tanning salon software has a built-in digital signage system.  This means you can show your own custom videos, images, funny clips, announcements, right on the TV in your reception / waiting area.  All of it is controlled by you

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cloud-based hosting

4 Reasons to Get on the Cloud with TanTrack

Tanning salons that do not function with a secure, cloud-based software system designed to mitigate external and internal threats are leaving their business data and operations exposed and vulnerable. Here are 4 reasons to get on the cloud plan with TanTrack Tanning Salon Software, once and for all. … Read More

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Remote Access

How To: Remote Access!

Many tanning salon owners would like the ability to work remotely.  While it is nice to have access to your point-of-sale software, sometimes even more access is necessary.  For example, if you need to apply security updates, or let a

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Image of repair tools

Need a Bed Technician?

Need a Bed Technician? So do we!  To help out the tanning industry, we’ve created a site that is free for all to use. However, it will require some word of mouth to make the site useful. If you’re using

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PCI Compliant Image

Are you PCI Compliant?

Are you PCI DSS Compliant? What is PCI DSS Compliance anyway? Payment Card Industry Data Standard Security or PCI DSS to keep things short, is a set of security standards required of all businesses that accept credit cards as a

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The TanTrack Customer Advantage

There are many features to consider when shopping for tanning salon software, but development and support top the list. Of all the software out there, TanTrack takes the cake when it comes to the benefits and features, as well as our reputation for customer support and continual development. TanTrack’s commitment to the customer allows salon owners to truly grow and scale their tanning business. Here’s what to look for when considering a software provider and why you should go all-in on TanTrack. … Read More

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Closed For Independence Day

Our offices will be closed Tuesday, July 4th, 2023.  We will re-open on Wednesday at 8:00 AM. We wish all our customers a Happy 4th of July! On this day, we appreciate the patriotic men and women who fought and

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