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Need a Bed Technician?

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Need a Bed Technician?

So do we! 

To help out the tanning industry, we’ve created a site that is free for all to use. However, it will require some word of mouth to make the site useful.

If you’re using TanTrack v3.2.2.0 or higher, you can find the link under HELP on your TanTrack menu.

Otherwise, you can visit here:

You are welcome to share the link, just be aware that it has just recently been launched and we don’t have a bunch of tanning bed technicians in the system yet.

If you know one, please share the link with them directly.  You can actually do it from within the site as well.

This site is free for technicians and salon owners alike.

Our next update will also offer tanning bed manuals, schematics, and bulb information provided from various manufacturers in our industry.

Please help us spread the word!  This will be a very useful tool for everyone.