More Support Agents

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We hear you and we’ve felt your pain!  Covid has been an interesting time for all of us and as businesses go, we’ve had to sit back a bit and see how things are playing out.  Just like you, we’ve had to keep things tight during the pandemic.  We managed to keep our offices fully staffed during the shut downs and believe me it was a busy time.  So many salons took advantage of that time off to do various updates from PC upgrades, software upgrades, and remodeling the interiors.  Unfortunately, a percentage of salons didn’t survive.  As a fellow business owner, my heart goes out to those who’ve had to let go of their dreams and especially those who lost friends or loved ones.  The pandemic has affected everyone worldwide.

We are happy to report however, that things are looking up.  We’ve seen an incredible amount of traffic in the salons again!

We didn’t spend the pandemic relaxing.  Many of us worked from home, suffering through the children at home with Zoom school calls.  Believe me, we’re glad to be back in the office.  We’ve made a number of staff changes.  This includes the investment in a few more very friendly support agents.  They’re in training now, but catching on fast.  You may have already spoken to some of them.  They include David, Matthew, and Julia.    

We’ve also invested in a number of internal technology updates that will greatly improve our ability to handle customer calls, requests, and software features.  Several of them are still top secret but keep a watch.  We’ll be making some cool announcements soon!

We’re even planning an investment in training.  There are so many features to TanTrack that are frequently completely unknown to our user base and that is our fault.  We’ll be providing alot of new information this year on how to best utilize the many features of the software you’ve invested.  We actually dwarf our competition in both features and ease of use.  We’ll be happy to prove it to you!

Starting with our new client portal.  Totally redesigned to have a super impressive look for your client base!  More details to follow!