Maximize Salon Revenue During the Off-Season

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In the tanning salon industry, everyone knows that salon beds remain cool and dark more frequently in the warm and sunny months. Many clients turn to sunbathing on the beach rather than the tanning beds. Even so, you can still generate meaningful revenue for your tanning salon during this off-season. Here’s how.

Lean into Membership Packages

Membership packages are a great way to keep your salon’s foot traffic and recurring revenue stable not only during the summer months but throughout the year. Offering a Membership Package promotion during the off-season will give you an opportunity to communicate with your current clients in a new way and also market to new audiences. You can even cater packages to different groups such as brides preparing for their big day or looking to give their bridal party a nice gift, moms looking for a little me-time out of the house while their kids are home on summer break, young professionals starting their first job out of college, and so on! With TanTrack, you can establish packages with monthly or annual billing cycles so you can manage this revenue in the best way for your salon.

Talk Up Your Gift Cards

Gift card sales provide an excellent opportunity to boost revenue during the off-season. Even if people don’t prefer tanning indoors during the summer, selling gift cards during this time can keep your salon’s bottom line afloat. Remember, everyone has a birthday, so there’s always an excuse to market your gift cards to your audience. TanTrack makes it easy to stock up and sell your salon’s gift cards through the online client portal. Ask us how today!

Don’t Ignore Sunless Tanners

Just because the sun is shining bright and calling your tanning bed tanners to the beach doesn’t mean that your salon is out of luck for the summer months. Sunless tanning is gaining popularity across the globe and the summer months present a unique opportunity to market this offering. Why? Sunless tanning gives clients that effortless tan look without the hassle of packing a beach bag or playing a game of roulette with sunburn. And who doesn’t want to look tan during the summer?! Offer your sunless tanning services through promotional offers to really drive interest and revenue this off-season.

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Take Time to Market Efficiently

While your salon may slow down in the summer, now is the time to really invest in your marketing efforts! Establishing things like automated reminder workflows, robust email and SMS text messaging marketing, and investing in an online sales platform can really drive sales now and throughout the year. Thankfully, TanTrack makes all of this super easy and accessible through our salon software. Talk with a sales representative today, watch a live demo, and learn how TanTrack can set your salon up for marketing success!

Next Steps

Are you ready to maximize your revenue this off-season and create an exciting runway for the next busy season? TanTrack tanning salon software was developed to allow the tanning salon owner to maximum control over the salon. TanTrack was designed to be completely user-friendly and still provide all of the necessary tanning salon functions you need to run and grow your salon.

Book a FREE live demo of TanTrack tanning salon software to learn how to grow your business this summer and beyond.