Remote Access

How To: Remote Access!

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Many tanning salon owners would like the ability to work remotely.  While it is nice to have access to your point-of-sale software, sometimes even more access is necessary.  For example, if you need to apply security updates, or let a technician remotely connect to help with a question or problem.

Option 1: TanTrack Back Office Website

TanTrack tanning salon software offers a back office system.  This is a website that allows you to login from anywhere in the world. It offers over 40 reports.  A few of which are ONLY available in the back office system and are designed for comparing your multiple locations performance.  The reports available are the most commonly used reports in TanTrack that help with payroll, inventory, sales and security.  There are also editing features where you are able to edit or create new products and employees.

Best of all, this feature is included at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  It is built into our bundle offering!

Option 2: Full REMOTE Access Software

There are many 3rd party companies that offer a very easy to install & use application that allows you to literally connect to the salon computer as if you’re sitting right in front of the screen.  These systems allow 24/7 access from anywhere in the world on your mobile device, tablet, or pc/mac. 

While you’re welcome to use any of the ones out there, we at Nichesoft use Splashtop.  The pricing as of the time of this article is just $5 per month which allows access to TWO computers.  It requires that you pay the yearly fee up front which is just $60 USD.

You can find Splashtop by clicking here: