How to Improve Your Tanning Salon’s Point-of-Purchase Experience

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Point-of-purchase (PoP) refers to a moment in time when a customer can complete a transaction with your salon, whether it’s booking an appointment, paying for products, purchasing memberships, checking in for a tanning session, or a combination of services. If you’re looking to improve your overall point-of-purchase experience for your tanning salon or modify your offerings to include a mix of opportunities for your customers, TanTrack can offer many solutions that are easy to use, intuitive, and cost-saving. Here are our top three ways TanTrack can improve your tanning salon’s PoP experience.

TanTrack is an All-in-One System for Easy Check-Ins

TanTrack tanning salon software is an all-in-one software system that was designed by tanning industry professionals to provide a robust, yet easy-to-use system that is everything salon owners need to run their businesses. The software is a hub for all customer information, allowing you to keep track of memberships, birthdays, and everything in between, without having to open a million different windows, tabs, or pop-ups. Having this data easily accessible by salon staff allows the customer check-in process to be fast and smooth, making it easy to process sales in as little as one minute, and check-in customers in under 2 minutes!

TanTrack Kiosks for Self-Service Customers

TanTrack tanning salon software offers a self-service option for PoP with our Kiosk systems. For customers looking to get in and get out with little human interaction or for customers who just like to do things themselves, the Kiosk offers accessibility and versatility to your tanning salon. Customers can sign-up, check-in, sign digital release/waiver documents, put themselves on a waiting list for a tanning bed, or for salons that allow for 24-hour tanning access, they can even send themselves directly to the tanning bed. Even if they wish to purchase products, the Kiosk system allows customers to select and pay for their purchases, then simply pick up their items from the front desk when they are ready. This PoP option is a great addition to any tanning salon looking to offer a better variety of experiences for their customers, salons that experience high traffic times, and salons that want to keep up with modern times and technology.

TanTrack’s Client Portal for Virtual Visitors

Another way TanTrack can improve the purchasing experience for customers is by going digital with the Client Portal. The TanTrack Client Portal acts as a website or eCommerce site for your tanning salon, making it possible for 24/7/365 service, accessibility, and visibility. Customers who prefer to book ahead and use their mobile or desktop devices can do so with ease through the TanTrack Client Portal. A truly “anytime, anywhere” point-of-purchase opportunity with real-time appointment slots, product inventory, pricing, offers, and more. Everything is integrated so there are no duplicates, mixed messages, or missed opportunities. Connect with your customers even when they aren’t in your salon!

Ready to improve your tanning salon’s point of purchase experience with TanTrack? Request a free demo today and see for yourself how easy and affordable TanTrack tanning salon software is for you.