TanTrack Tanning Salon Software

TanTrack tanning salon software is the premier software for running your salon.  Our easy to use system allows you to run your day to day operations at the salon efficiently and effectively.  TanTrack is known for being extremely easy to use, easy to train, and affordable!

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Easy to Use

TanTrack is known world wide for being the easiest to learn and use software in the tanning industry.  We’re used all over North America, as well as Europe and Asia!  TanTrack uses no codes to operate.  For example, when you want to tan a client, you just click a button, select a bed, duration, and start!  All of our screens follow the same layout so once you learn one screen, you can easily navigate the entire application!

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Paperless with Digital Forms and E-Mailed Receipts!

Save a tree!  Use our 300+ reports in PDF format, create unlimited digital forms that can be signed from an iPhone or Android, PC, Mac, or iPad or tablet!  E-mail or print receipts!  

Built-In Automation

Sit back and relax.  Put your monthly memberships on auto-pilot.  TanTrack can be configured for manual EFT (membership) processing or automatic processing.  For every client that is approved, their package is extended accordingly and your sales records are updated.  For every client who is declined, their tanning package is automatically placed on freeze (hold) so they can make payment on their next visit.  With our client portal, your clients can also receive an e-mail or text message allowing them to update their card information.  In addition, TanTrack stores TWO cards on file and will automatically try the backup card in the event the primary card fails.


TanTrack tanning salon software has over 300 reports in the software.  That is far more than any software in the industry!  Our reports provide all kinds of views of your data and can be saved in PDF format to be e-mailed or printed.  TanTrack will also send dirty bed notices when any bed has been dirty longer than the time you’ve allowed as well as a nightly e-mail to summarize the number of visits, new clients, total sales and refunds.

Online Appointment Booking

With our client portal, your salon clients can sign up from your website and book appointments for tanning or other services.  New clients will be immediately in your live database before they ever walk in the door.

Online Store

TanTrack features a client portal that provides you an automatic online store, complete with payment methods integrated and a fully functional shopping cart!  Items can be ordered for pickup right at your salon.

Remote Access

Our back office web application allows you to run reports from any PC or mobile device with a web browser.

Cloud Hosted Data

Your data can be hosted on your machine or better yet on OUR machines.  Our cloud servers are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.  They’re monitored 24/7 x 365 days per year by Microsoft’s own security systems.  Automatic backups EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the day, for several days running.  Immediate security updates are applied directly by Microsoft’s team to the database servers ensure your data is always secure and accessible!  We can even provide custom security for more demanding workloads and environments.

Link All Your Locations

TanTrack can easily link one or hundreds of locations so that your data is shared across your entire franchise.