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Let Your Customers Book with You Anytime, Anywhere!

No need to develop an ecommerce website. Through TanTrack’s Client Portal you can have online booking of services and sell products to your clients before they even come in the door! With the online appointment booking system, your clients can easily book their own appointments 24/7. No employee interaction is required.

Fully Integrated to Live TanTrack Data

Your client portal is fully integrated directly to live TanTrack data, to provide the best platform for both you and your clients. Data updates, bookings, and appointments are instantly reflected on both the client-facing and back-office screens. Fully integrating the client portal mitigates the risk of double-booking beds and provides accurate date to allow for effective management of your business.

Seamless Transition Between In-Store and Online for Your Customers

Keep the good times rolling in-store by reducing the time needed to fill out paperwork and run transactions prior to appointments. Customers can book appointments, update profiles, and make purchases through the client portal 24/7, and check in at your salon through your desk or a TanTrack Kiosk.

Fast Speeds Eliminate Front-Desk Bottlenecks

Accelerate your customer’s check-in process and help them enjoy your services even faster. Process sales in less than a minute, and check-in customers in under 2! It’s real!

All Customer Information in One Place

Organize and store all your customer data on TanTrack, allowing you to keep track of memberships, birthdays, and everything in between.

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