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Memberships Made Easy

Increase your sales with tanning and services memberships that are running continuously so your salon and your clients don’t miss a thing. You can establish memberships with monthly or annual billing cycles. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is when you have TanTrack.

Prorated Charges Guarantee You Won't Miss A Dollar

With our prorated charges functionality you can maximize revenue from new clients, even if they register for a membership in the middle of a billing cycle. We hear you, every penny counts!

Vacation Holds Make It Easy To Pause & Restart Memberships

Don’t lose clients when they go on vacation! With TanTrack’s pause & restart options your customers get the most out of their memberships, and you keep a client for good! Simply set a vacation hold on their account and resume the membership when they return.

Increase Sales with Packages

Always wanted to setup packages to sell services, or services + products? TanTrack has this feature included so you can keep growing your business

Alert Employees to Relay Information for Customers

Employees are prompted to notify customers about alerts pertaining to their memberships, so that no one is left in the dark.


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