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Remain Top of Mind with Your Customers

Through our email and text messaging capabilities, you can ensure you stay top of mind with your customers, even when they’re not at the salon. Always know what your full client list is, the active and non active ones.

Send a Wide Variety of Marketing Material

From appointment reminders to sales alerts, to seasonal drip campaigns, the marketing possibilities are endless. TanTrack offers built-in marketing capabilities so you don’t have to worry about it.

Roll-Over Unused Texts

With our roll-over texting option, you never have to worry about losing your unused texts. Simply roll them over to the next month for later sends!

TanTrack Text Messaging Features

Check our text messaging features and try out today. Even if you don’t have TanTrack yet.

Plans start as low as $15/month for 250 texts. Discounts offered for higher volumes.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Marketing based on Criteria

Scheduled Text Messages

Contest Text Messages

Declined EFT Notices

Drip Text Messages

Texting by Custom Groups

Try Text Messaging For Free

You can try it out today with or without TanTrack. The free trial includes:

15 Day Trial Period

50 Text Messages

Custom Keywords

No Credit Card Required

No Contract


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