Automated Reminders

Reduce No-Shows and Increase Your Revenue -

Automated Reminders

Can't Get Enough of it! Reduce your no-shows and stop losing money. Remind your customers that they have upcoming appointments without the hassle of picking up the phone. With our automated reminders you only have to setup once how to remind clients before their appointments, and you can save your time with manual messages.

Automatic Email & Text Communication

Establish multiple touch-points with your clientele, using email and text to remind them of their appointments. This gives you a chance to really be seen, and again, all from one platform. TanTrack has you covered.

Billing Decline Alerts

Automation is not just about appointments, but also about payments. If a payment is declined, TanTrack will alert your customer so that they can resolve the issue right away, saving you from having to chase clients for credit card information.


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