Screen Shots

TanTrack tanning salon was developed to give you maximum control over your tanning salon business.

It was designed to be completely user-friendly and still provide all of the necessary tanning salon functions you need to run your tanning salon.

TanTrack Screenshots:

EFT Processing Screen

  • Processes EFT payments in real-time
  • Automatically updates sales totals
  • Automatically updates client packages when EFT payment authorized
  • Automatically freezes client packages when EFT payment declined

Send To Tan Screen

  • Unlimited number of client packages
  • Prevents tanning while on vacation hold
  • Can be configured to require a client fingerprint
  • Clients can be sent to the waiting list manually
  • Clients automatically sent to waiting list when the bed is not available
  • Automatic charges required when a client chooses an upgrade bed
  • Prevents tanning when client has a declined EFT payment
  • Send to Tan can be launched from anywhere in TanTrack
  • Send to Tan can be launched by scanning a client’s member keytag

Package Inventory Screen

  • Allows you to quickly set up tanning packages by tans, minutes, points or monthly usage
  • Allows complete restrictions, including specific hours and days of the week
  • Several reports including package detail and statistics
  • Package rules allowing you to specify charges for upgrades based on the client’s package
  • Automatic Sale Pricing based on sale start and end dates

Coupons Screen

  • Allows you to specify which items can be used with a coupon
  • Allows you to track a fixed cost to a coupon
  • Coupons can be created by a specific dollar amount or percentage

Employees Screen

  • Stores complete employee information
  • Several reports including employee phone list, detail and labels
  • Customizable security settings per employee
  • Detailed tracking of employee privilege usage
  • Tracks all training and certifications as well as expiration dates
  • Employee time clock
  • Export of time clock data to QuickBooks® Professional

  • Allows you to specify which items can be used with a coupon
  • Allows you to track a fixed cost to a coupon
  • Coupons can be created by a specific dollar amount or percentage

Gift Cards Screen

  • Ability to create and edit gift cards manually
  • Screen can be password protected
  • Full transactional detail for each gift card
  • Built-In Gift Card tracking

Supplier Screen

  • Stores complete contact information of your suppliers
  • Allows you to keep detailed supplier notes

Product Inventory Screen

  • Full-featured inventory system
  • Several product reports including inventory list, product detail and statistics
  • Low Inventory Warning
  • Automatic Sale Pricing based on sale start and end dates
  • TanTrack Product Inventory Screen Module
  • TanTrack Product Inventory Screen Module

Appointments Screen

  • Allows you to do away with the old appointment book
  • Provides an easy to follow graphical view of appointments
  • Simple drag & drop rescheduling of appointments
  • Allows you to view a short or long time span for each day
  • Unlimited number of beds available
  • Provides important client information as you click on an appointment

Waiting List Screen

  • This module uses the timer to show the status of each bed
  • When no timer is available, the system clock is used instead.
  • Helps to keep track of the clients waiting
  • Ability to switch beds for a client on the waiting list

Client Screen

  • Stores complete customer information
  • Keeps statistical information on customers
  • Address label printing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Automatic invite on facebook® or Twitter® for new clients
  • Loyalty reward system
  • Built-In release form printing
  • Built-In E-Mail marketing
  • Tracks client referral sources
  • Client records can be pulled up by using a client’s fingerprint
  • Client records can be created by scanning a Driver’s License in most states

Client Screen

Sales Screen

  • Tracks all sales – Helps to eliminate employee theft!
  • Allows unlimited number of items per order
  • Allows unlimited number of payment types per order
  • Statistical reports so you can see how each item is selling!
  • Interfaces with cash drawers and receipt printers.
  • Allows you to send someone to tan without interrupting the current sale in progress.
  • Supports up to three sales tax rates including the Federal Tan Tax
  • Supports sale of gift cards
  • Payment totals can be exported to QuickBooks ® Professional

Sales Screen

Service Inventory Screen

  • Support for services such as hair, nail, and massage
  • Ability to specify which employees can perform a specified service
  • Automatic Sale Pricing based on sale start and end dates

Beds Screen

  • Tracks all acrylic part numbers.
  • Tracks bed serial numbers.
  • Tracks bulb hours.
  • Supports UV beds AND Spray Booths.
  • Tracks all maintenance history.
  • Tracks all UV Readings from your UV Meter.
  • Tracks all visits for each bed individually

Refunds Screen

  • Refund screen can be password protected
  • Only allows refunds of items actually purchased by the specified client
  • Refunds can be applied to a gift card for in store credit

“By far, the easiest to use tanning salon management software package in the industry!”