Digital Signage in Reception / Waiting Room

Digital Signage is Built-In!

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TanTrack tanning salon software has a built-in digital signage system.  This means you can show your own custom videos, images, funny clips, announcements, right on the TV in your reception / waiting area.  All of it is controlled by you from within TanTrack tanning salon software.  You simply create a playlist of the items you would like to have displayed and our digital signage system will loop through each of them.  

You can even display the current bed status and/or current wait times for a bed.

We’ve also worked with all of the major lotion companies to allow you to use their professionally created videos to build a playlist of material your clients can watch and learn from.  There are hundreds of videos in the library to choose from.  The video system will sell to your clients while they are a captive audience waiting for a tanning bed or spray tan.  

Best of all, there are no fees for this digital signage feature!  

It is built into the software and included with our TanTrack bundle service!

What do you need to get started?

  • TanTrack Tanning Salon Software
  • A TV with an HDMI input.
  • A USB Mini-PC (Click HERE)

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