Converting Tanning Salon Software – Part 1

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Are you a tanning salon owner who wants a new software program but you’re worried that converting data will be difficult? At TanTrack, we specialize in quick and easy tanning salon software conversions.

More than 60 percent of our new clients come to TanTrack from other software packages. There are many reasons why tanning salon owners choose to make this switch. Some of them include poor technical support, high monthly fees, and difficult-to-use software. We understand that converting software can be a scary process for a tanning salon owner to do. Rest assured, we’ve been in the industry nearly 20 years, and we’ve done hundreds if not thousands of software conversations. We do it all in a straightforward process that consists of two major steps.

Step One – The Test Conversion

First, we pull a copy of your database, then run a test conversion. This serves two purposes. First, it tells us how long it takes to convert your data. Second, it provides us with a converted set, which we use to generate some reports for you to review. This ensures everything we’re converting is spot on before we do the actual conversion.

Step Two – The Actual Conversion

Once you’ve signed off on the test conversion, we schedule a time for your system to be down while we do the final conversion. Generally speaking, most conversions take roughly an hour, but really large data sets can take longer. You can always speed up the process by deleting old data that you don’t need prior to our conversion. As a rule, we prefer to do conversions early in the week so you have the entire week to get used to the software. You always can reach us with any questions you might have.

Let Us Convert Your Tanning Salon Software

Converting tanning salon software might is a process, and it’s one that we know well. At TanTrack, we try to make the process as painless as possible, and we’ve gotten quite good at it over the years. Why not call us at 877.488.2901, or visit to see a remote live demo of TanTrack tanning salon software for yourself? You also can visit us at Booth 327 at the Smart Tan trade show in Nashville in a couple of weeks. Let our experts answer all your questions about tanning salon software.