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Changing Tanning Salon Trends and How to Adapt Your Business

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Like any other industry, tanning salons are seeing a shift in how their customers utilize their products and services. Many of the changes and new trends are due to the advancements in technology available for customers to achieve their tanning goals. Here are three ways that you can adapt to the changing trends within the indoor tanning industry to better understand your customers and how your business can grow now and into the future.

  1. Introduce Sunless-Tanning Services

One of the biggest shifts in the tanning industry is the sunless tanning movement. For tanning salons, this is categorized by the use of spray tanning instead of bed tanning. While there are many consumer products on the market to help people achieve an easy sunless self-tan from home, nothing rivals a professional spray tan job. Spray tanning provides a great alternative to UVA/B tanning for customers concerned about UV radiation. There are also several different spray tanning formulas that you can use in your tanning salon to cater to a wide variety of customers, including those who are ingredient-conscious.

If your tanning salon does not offer spray tanning as a service, now is the time to introduce it! This service is rising in popularity across the US, helping customers achieve a sunny glow without the threat of burning. Spray tanning itself continues to evolve as it gains more fans with automated spray tanning solutions on the rise.

In 2023, Sunless, Inc. launched the first self-serve spray tanning booth, the Mystic Tan® Unity®. These booths are popping up in tanning salons as well as airports, malls, and other convenient locations. Customers are seeking an effortless, quick tanning solution, and Sunless, Inc. has the answer. To sweeten things up, TanTrack seamlessly integrates with the Mystic Tan® Unity® spray tanning booths, making it easy for you to add this technology to your tanning salon equipment lineup.

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Mystic Tan Unity and TanTrack

  1. Introduce Self-Check-in & Self-Serve Options

Speaking of self-serve spray tanning, self-check-in across the entire tanning salon industry has become a growing trend over the past few years. This trend started making strides, especially after the 2020 global pandemic, making self-serve anything more appealing. Whether checking in for a tanning bed or spray tanning experience, many customers are gravitating towards do-it-yourself avenues from start to finish. Your salon can get on board with this independence trend by offering self-check-in kiosks.

Improving your point-of-purchase experience for your salon customers with self-check-in kiosks can be a game-changer for your business. Customers can sign up, check-in, sign digital release/waiver documents, put themselves on a waiting list for a tanning bed, spray tanning service, or automated booth, or for salons that allow for 24-hour tanning access, they can even send themselves directly to the tanning bed or spray tan booth.

Your salon doesn’t need to be all or nothing for this approach either. You can utilize self-serve kiosks in conjunction with your amazing staff! Especially if your salon experiences periods of heavy foot traffic, kiosks can help alleviate your staff, allowing for every customer to receive the best service and experience possible.

TanTrack makes this entire setup smooth, simple, and stylish, giving you options to take your self-check-in customers through a catered digital buying experience all from the kiosk. Combining the growing interest in automated self-serve spray tanning with the growing desire for customers to experience self-serve purchasing processes in your tanning salon can unlock new growth potential you never knew was possible. Book a free demo of TanTrack today to learn more!

  1. Introduce an Online Shopping Experience

Another growing trend in the tanning salon industry is online shopping. Historically, tanning salons have been known to be fully in-person, brick-and-mortar operations. However, with the rise in social media, customer expectations, and advancing technologies, online shopping and appointment booking are becoming the new preference for the modern customer. Thankfully, it has never been easier to implement an online storefront, especially with TanTrack.

TanTrack offers cloud hosting, which can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business including the option to scale your salon business through online sales. The TanTrack Client Portal feature gives tanning salons an online sales site where products and services can be purchased and/or reserved. This portal can also prompt users to sign waivers, create profiles, and more, allowing the in-person customer experience in the salon to run more efficiently.

Walk through the possibilities of adding an online storefront and appointment booking option to your tanning salon business with a FREE TanTrack demo. Book a date and time to explore more.

Online Shopping with TanTrack's Client Portal Online Storefront

Next Steps

These growing trends can be utilized individually, but together they can pack more power for your tanning salon.

Imagine this: A potential customer is looking for a tanning experience and Googles “automated spray tanning services.” They find your tanning salon has a website and they realize they can book their appointment online, right now. No call needed. So they go ahead and book their appointment online a week in advance and while they’re on your storefront, they see a product they want to purchase and add it to their order. They create a profile and complete all the intake paperwork and waivers. This information is stored instantly in your database and easily searchable by your staff. Between the time they booked and the appointment, they receive text and email reminders and start learning more about your salon, products, and services through email marketing.
A week later, they come into your salon and use the self-check-in kiosk to get themselves into their tanning experience – which happens to be the new self-serve spray tanning booth! When they’re done, they stop by your front counter to pick up their purchased product (that they bought online a week earlier) and decide to purchase a gift card for a friend. They notice you have a promotion going on for memberships, too. They purchase the gift card, sign up for a membership, and leave feeling fabulous with their new spray tan, salon product, and savings on their membership, plus a gift card that will bring another customer into your salon!

This is not a rare scenario, but the new normal for your indoor tanning salon business, all because you implemented a few simple changes to make the customer experience effortless and exciting with new technology and systems. All of this and more can be possible for you with TanTrack at the center of it all. Explore how TanTrack can help you grow your tanning salon business. Book your free demo today!