Tan Tax Guidelines

IRS Tan Tax

How much do you know about the federal excise tax known as “Tan Tax”? For example, are setup fees taxable? Do we have to charge for both spray and UV […]

Every Salon Needs a Website

No Facebook

Facebook is NOT Enough! Every Tanning Salon Needs a Website Many tanning salons have only a Facebook or Instagram page.  While these sites are great tools to have in your […]

TanTrack v3.2.1.0 is HERE!

TanTrack v3.2.1.0 is HERE! Theme Support We’ve Theme’d TanTrack!  Over 30 themes available including a “TanTrack Classic” for those that want to keep the original color scheme.  We will be able […]

No More Missed E-Mails!

No More Missed E-Mails! Did you know TanTrack has all sorts of e-mailing abilities? E-mail when beds are dirty for too long. E-mail to clients when an EFT payment declines. […]