Boosting Salon Sales with Membership Promotions & Product Subscriptions

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It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that you need to constantly be selling to new tanning salon customers. While this is one way to grow your business, it’s not actually the fastest path to increased revenue. The secret? Recurring revenue opportunities among your existing customer base. This looks like membership packages and product subscriptions that are sold to your happy customers who know and love your brand, are looking to get the most out of their salon experience, and want to feel valued for their returning business. Here are three things to keep in mind when establishing and promoting your membership packages and product subscriptions for your tanning salon.

Less is More

It may be tempting to create a whole variety of membership packages and product subscriptions, but in this case, less is more. Use your salon data to identify the types of tanning experiences and frequency your top customers pay for and build your membership packages around that. You can always add more packages down the line, but sticking to a few really solid offers will help your customers with their purchasing experience by providing direct and dynamic membership options.

Likewise, for product subscriptions, review your salon data to assess the products that customers are raving about. Depending on what you uncover, you may even consider offering a membership plus product subscription package that pairs the best of both experience and products at a price your customers will feel good about.

Both opportunities – membership packages and product subscriptions – will give your salon monthly recurring revenue with very little maintenance on your part. The heavy lifting will be in identifying the best products and packages to offer, setting the pricing, and running the program in your tanning salon software to make the management of such offerings seamless. TanTrack makes it quick, easy, and affordable to do so! Talk to our sales team today to see just how user-friendly and intuitive TanTrack tanning salon software is.

Make it Accessible

What does this mean? Accessibility of your memberships and subscriptions is key to increasing the volume of customers who take advantage of such offerings. From a business standpoint, this looks like setting up a digital storefront. With Tantrack’s Client Portal, you don’t need to go through the hassle of setting up a whole website and online storefront separate from your salon software. TanTrack’s Client Portal is a 24/7 online presence for your tanning salon, allowing customers to book appointments and shop for your products and services, including memberships and subscriptions. Making your salon accessible online in this manner is a pivotal move that will set you apart from your competition and will drive your salon sales and recurring revenue. Book a free demo with TanTrack to check out the Client Portal, today!

Don’t Shy Away from Promotions

A common mistake business owners in any industry fall into is assuming their customers know about everything that their business offers. This is a dangerous misconception to get caught up in. It is far better to assume your customers know very little about your business, services, and products and risk oversharing than it is to shy away from promoting your goods and services at all. Having a tanning salon software that makes regular promotion of your products and services, including your memberships and subscriptions, is key. A favorite way to communicate with customers is through email marketing but SMS text messaging is growing more and more popular among younger generations as a preferred method of communication.

TanTrack tanning salon software offers both! Seamlessly promote your salon offerings at a regular frequency to your customers through email and text messaging capabilities directly from the software. Interested in learning more? Talk to our sales team for more information on how this feature works.

Next Steps

Offering service-based memberships and product-based subscriptions is a great way to establish recurring revenue for your tanning salon, but only if you have a solid tanning salon software and marketing strategy in place to truly promote and share these offerings with your customers. TanTrack tanning salon software is everything your need to run your tanning salon faster, better, and cheaper with ease! Over 5,000+ tanning salons worldwide trust TanTrack with their business because it works. Boost your sales, manage your salon, and set your business up for success with our robust yet easy-to-use salon software solution. Book a free demo today to learn more and to get a quote!