TanTrack v3.2.1.0 Coming Soon!

TanTrack v3.2.1.0 Coming Soon! Theme Support We’ve Theme’d TanTrack!  Over 30 themes available including a “TanTrack Classic” for those that want to keep the original color scheme.  We will be able

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Used Equipment For Sale!

Used Equipment For Sale We’re cleaning house! We have several used PCs and some a few bits of (used for testing) add-on hardware.  We have ONLY what you see on

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TanTrack Tip of the Month: Leverage TanTrack for Marketing Your Salon

In over 20 years on the market, TanTrack has earned the reputation as the industry’s easy-to-use and affordable tanning salon software. But easy-to-use does not mean plain, simple, and boring. In fact, TanTrack has a full spectrum of robust features and capabilities that can help you manage your salon efficiently AND scale your business through integration, marketing tools, reporting, and more.

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No More Missed E-Mails!

No More Missed E-Mails! Did you know TanTrack has all sorts of e-mailing abilities? E-mail when beds are dirty for too long. E-mail to clients when an EFT payment declines.

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