TanTrack Back Office

For salons using our cloud hosting service, we offer a remote reporting system.  This system works on any modern web browser and allows you to remotely access your salon’s data.  There are several built-in reports, many are identical to the ones in the desktop software but there are some that only exist in back office.  You also have the ability to send SMS messages to your subscribed clients, add & edit employees, as well as add & edit products.

Reports Included


  • Detail by Date (Tanning)
  • Detail by Date (Services)


  • Bed Hours Status
  • Equipment Detail
  • Maintenance Logs


  • Active Client List
  • Active EFT Clients
  • Client List by Name
  • Client Visits by Date
  • Client Visits Count by Date
  • Package Transfers by Date
  • Visits Override Details by Date


  • Commission by Performer
  • Commission by Sales Person
  • Employee Detail
  • Employee Hours by Date
  • Employee Hours w/Pay by Date
  • Employee Phone List
  • Employee Tips Detail by Date
  • Employee Tips Detail by Employee
  • Employee Tips Summary by Date
  • Labor Cost by Date
  • Security Log Detail by Date


  • Inventory Level
  • Inventory Level by Brand
  • Inventory Level by Category
  • Inventory Level by Manufacturer
  • Inventory Level by Supplier
  • Product Detail
  • Product Price List
  • Product Sale Price List
  • Product Profit & Loss (P&L)
  • Re-order Report
  • Re-order Report by Brand
  • Re-order Report by Category
  • Re-order Report by Manufacturer
  • Re-order Report by Supplier


  • EFT Accounts Receivable Detail
  • EFT Accounts Receivable Summary 
  • EFT Declined Payments
  • Employee Sales Average
  • Payment Method Summary by Date
  • Performer Services
  • Sales Detail by Date
  • Sales Detail by Employee
  • Sales Detail w/Payment Detail
  • Sales Item Summary by Date
  • Sales Item Summary by Employee
  • Sales Summary by Store
  • Sales Tax by Date
  • Service Sales Summary by Category


  • Service Detail
  • Service Price List
  • Service Sale Price List

Store Comparison Reports

  • Store Counts
  • Visit Counts