Automated Spray Tanning on the Rise

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Spray tanning is not a new fashion fad. In fact, it has been around since the 1950s and has grown to be a widely accepted and sought-after beauty regimen throughout the world. Because of spray tanning’s quick and easy application, long-lasting natural glow effects, and minimal health concerns, tanning salons are discovering new ways to offer this service conveniently, affordably, safely, and sustainably. One way that is rising in popularity is through automation.

Automated services can truly set your tanning salon apart from your competition. Giving your customers the freedom and flexibility to access your services and products at their own convenience with little to no employee guidance is something more and more customers are looking for. Online appointment booking and purchasing, self-check-in, and even self-tanning equipment use are among the top automated features your salon should consider. These forms of automation can allow your self-sufficient customers to fast-track their experience while freeing up your employees to guide and tailor customer service to your less self-sufficient customers. This setup ultimately will create a nice flow and balance to your salon and can unlock massive returns on investment.

Once you’ve decided on creating an automated process for your tanning customers, it all comes down to the right software solution and equipment choices.

As we settle into the 2020s, the technologies, systems, applications, and capabilities that businesses have access to are increasingly impressive. Business technologies are designed to make companies more effective, efficient, and profitable. The more integrated the system is into your entire operation, the smoother things will run. So, it’s no wonder that many tanning salons are looking for software and equipment that integrate with each other to offer more automated features.

Tanning Salon software solutions such as TanTrack have been around for 20+ years, offering an easy-to-use yet robust system for your salon business to run on. Because of its longevity in the market, TanTrack has continued to evolve with the many advancements in computing technologies, salon and business capabilities, and tanning equipment. TanTrack integrates with all major tanning bed providers and is poised to take on the imminent automated spray tanning booth equipment that will hit the market in the coming months.

TanTrack was designed by industry professionals and remains one of the top software solutions in the market today. Request a free demo to see firsthand how TanTrack can help you automate and grow your tanning salon business.