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QuickBooks integration

Integrate with QuickBooks in a seamless and easy way.

Full Credit Card Processing

Best rates on the market. Learn how you can save money with our integration, on every payment you collect!

Extensive Reporting

Easy Sales Dashboards for over +300 reports available to you. Anytime, anywhere. Everything you can possibly need!

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Whether you run business with one salon location or multiple salon locations, manage your accounting with one platform.

Inventory Management

Product inventory, stock reports, ordering, sales, profit, bed management, everything you can think of we have.

Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Service team that supports you all the way from installation to day-to-day management. Zero headaches with us!

Integration with QuickBooks

Analytics & Reporting

Bookkeeping Made Easy

TanTrack integrates with QuickBooks® Pro Accounting Software allowing you to export your cash, check, and credit card payments as well as your time clock data.

Inventory Management

Analytics & Reporting

Track Inventory Through Various Reports

Automated inventory reports allow you to stay on top of what are the hot commodities in your business, and help you decide where to pivot.

Reduce Discrepancies in End of Year Reporting

TanTrack provides multiple fail safes, including barcode reporting, to make sure your sales reflect what is occurring in your business.

Correct Inventory Issues with Ease

With inventory reports compiled in one place, dive in and track down where a transactional error might have occurred.

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