All Seasons Tan

TanTrack has been wonderful for our salon. We searched around for a few months on the best software for our salon, each of us loaded and played with each program and agreed unanimously that TanTrack was the easiest and most efficient to use. There are constant updates and the very few times we used technical support the service was above and beyond. We have had the program for two years now and are still very pleased with our purchase. You can’t go wrong with TanTrack!

Catchin Rays

We use the TanTrack program by Nichesoft in our salon and we love it!!! TanTrack is easy to access and very user-friendly. Training my employees is easier than ever. Not to mention how simple the record keeping is, the program does it all and that makes my life easier. The technical support team is always available and willing to help. I credit the smooth operation of my salon to this program. We couldn’t ask for anything more in our TanTrack software!!!

Celebrity Tan

From the first time I talked to Nichesoft, the positive, “can do” attitude has never failed. When I had problems getting a connection between computers, you walked me through, over an hour on the phone, the steps to make the computers talk. When I first started using TanTrack, I had about a million questions. Your patience in explaining each step and for answering the million questions was truly remarkable. Even now, when I call up and explain a problem or if I have a suggestion for an upgrade, you listen and even seem to understand what I am describing. You have always been professional in your handling of any issue I have presented. It has been my pleasure to be associated with you and to be able to promote TanTrack at every occurrence.

Fanny Tans

I am extremely impressed with the Tech Support. I had 3 different techs each time. Brian, David, and Kendall. The first two times I had a call back within minutes. Third one took longer but I wasn’t in a hurry as I just have questions about setting things up and I understand they take the more urgent calls first. Each one of these guys were patient, friendly and were able to help me with all my questions. I am SO happy with the support. The software is becoming more familiar every day. I’m sure I will be very happy. This is the first software change since I opened my salon in 1987 so it’s a huge change for me.


The TanTrack support department is absolutely ‘AWESOME’. Prior to my opening my salon I worked for a software company (we partnered with Microsoft) and I have had the opportunity to deal with many different organizations support teams that make up their partner channel. I rate your team at the very top of the scale as far as knowledge and responsiveness. Thank you!!

Instant Results

Before I opened my salon I ordered software suggested by the manufacturer of the tanning equipment I purchased. That software was so complicated that I would forget from day to day how to make a simple transaction. Even entering a new customer was a challenge! I had to call technical support to help me enter a sale! Then, I learned about Nichesoft, and ordered a demo of their software. By far Nichesoft software superceded the software my salon was using, so I ordered the full version immediately. It was a very easy transition in implementing the Nichesoft software. The sales department helped us choose all the appropriate hardware and gave us easy to follow instructions on how to set up the new system, and consequently we had no “down time” in operating the salon. We are using Nichesoft software for about 10 months now, and we’ve never experienced any problems. Training new employees takes only minutes. The program is user friendly with easy to use “help”. Updates are available via web site and are very simple to implement even for a non-experienced in computers person. I am really happy that I discovered Nichesoft software.

Sun Essentials

As a brand new salon we wanted to be sure our computer system was the best it could possibly be with solid protection against theft as well as easy to train on and operate. We reviewed several demos from all salon software companies and the price was not the only thing that caught our eye. TanTrack was by far the easiest to work with. The sales staff was so accommodating and helped us with all our questions and concerns, we were able to get all the accessories we needed and even after purchasing a one year technical support and updates membership we stayed well within our budget!

Setting up TanTrack was SO SIMPLE and user friendly!!! I still can not say enough good things about the product and their staff!! Any time I have a question, my calls are handled quickly and they never make me feel stupid for not knowing how to do something!! When I find something in TanTrack that I feel would make things go smoother for me or the business, I let them know and on several occasions when I get my updates I find that they actually listened to my input !!!

We are planning on opening additional salons and there is no question that TanTrack will be in every one of them!! Thanks TanTrack and Staff for making my salon run so smoothly!!!


TanTrack has helped our business in ways we never imagined. Our customers do not have to wait while we fumble through cards or try to calculate the last time they tanned.

The system maintains all the information we need so that we can process payments, run customer reports, calculate sales and other business necessities so that we can focus most of our attention on what is most important – our customers. We used to close early on Sundays to do nothing but paperwork for 8 hours. Now we can do the reports nightly at 30 minutes each and we have sundays free in the off season and we extend our sunday hours for the peak season.

The cost for the software and computer was paid for by one month of sundays (during the off season!). Not only is the customer, sales and employee information right there at your fingertips but so is the bed and maintenance information. Before, we would guess when we would need to change lamps, solution and filters. Now we can monitor and plan for the expensive purchase of new inventory months in advance.

We saved a lot of money buying lamps & self tanning solution in the off season! By keeping a record of our customers, we are able to mail info directly to them so we can bring them in (through sales and promotions) when we need them. Now we decide when season begins and ends.

Having a tanning salon without a program like Tantrack is like having a salon with nothing but 45 minute beds from the 80′s. Customers do not trust a tanning salon to maintain their beds and equipment if they are not savvy enough to even own a computer. With the costs of beds, equipment and the underlying costs of employee errors you can not afford to not have tantrack.

Ultima Tan

I have been in the tanning industry for thirteen years (since I was 19). I am also a service tech and have been doing work in salons from Maine to Maryland and over to Pennsylvania. I have seen all the programs available and heard all the “horror stories”… I can honestly say that I have not heard anything negative about TanTrack. I have heard how easy the program is to use and how much others like it. I can say from my own experience that the program is the best I have worked with and tech support is just as good.

Tan City

We were previously using Helios and have now been using TanTrack for about one year. Believe me, we haven’t looked back. The technical support at Nichesoft runs circles around the Helios support team. These guys really know their sh*t! The software has been unbelievably easy to use so far and we are quite happy with it!! TanTrack Customer Quote

“By far, the easiest to use tanning salon management software package in the industry!”