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4 Reasons to Get on the Cloud with TanTrack

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Cybersecurity seems to be on the minds of every business owner these days, especially with the latest advancements in technology. Unfortunately, even with the topic generating buzz in the news, many business owners still fail to set up the necessary precautions to secure their businesses from cyber-attacks and other threats. Tanning salons that do not function with a secure, cloud-based software system designed to mitigate external and internal threats are leaving their business data and operations exposed and vulnerable. Here are 4 reasons to get on the cloud plan with TanTrack Tanning Salon Software, once and for all.

  • Ransomware

If you are on a local-based tanning salon software system, even if it’s the local version of TanTrack, your business is constantly at risk. Just an errant employee click could have your computers down, your data compromised, and interrupt your ability to keep the flow of business going while the disaster is handled. TanTrack’s daily cloud back-ups ensure your essential business data is protected. Making the switch or upgrading your current plan could be the first step in protecting your business operations and data.

  • Hardware or Software Failures

Hosting your data onsite can keep your business stagnant. Locally hosted software means that you could be missing important software updates that could help you grow and scale your business. Local hard drives can also wear out over time, which could mean you lose all your data or spend days trying to recover it. Both of these scenarios are avoidable with TanTrack’s cloud-based hosting plan.

  • Easy & Fast Recovery

Even if you’re regularly backing up your locally hosted software, recovering that data and getting back up and running takes substantially longer than when you host your data directly in the cloud. This downtime could be costing your tanning salon a lot of time and money. The most efficient way to store your salon data and ensure you have little to no downtime due to software and technology failure is to upgrade or convert to TanTrack’s cloud-based hosting plan.

  • Cheap Peace of Mind 

Every month the TanTrack support team helps several customers get their salon back up and running after a hardware failure, power loss, operating software failure, or a cyber-attack incident.

We’re proud of how fast we get each back up and running, but they consistently regret the costly downtime and rework due to data loss. You can have peace of mind through TanTrack’s secure cloud-hosting for as little as $24.99 per month.

Cloud-based hosting relieves salon owners of the risk of PC back-ups, the cost of an on-site server, and the responsibility of both. Instead, cloud hosting companies use their own vetted Internet server network to deliver guarantee speed, uptime, backups, and security without the intervention of the salon owner.

TanTrack’s parent company, Nichesoft, works with data centers all over the world so that we can offer Cloud-based hosting for TanTrack data in an ideal way for every salon owner using it – whether they own one salon location or hundreds. Data is stored on secure servers that are backed up automatically every 60 seconds and monitored 24/7 for intrusion attempts. This ensures customer data is as safe as possible. We can also scale computing power as needed by adding more speed during peak tanning seasons and decreasing during slower times. As salon businesses grow, we make it easy to add speed and bring more locations online.

Choosing cloud-based hosting also gives customers the ability to take advantage of premium TanTrack add-ons such as the online storefront client portal, back office remote reporting, and built in credit card processing at the best rate!

Next Steps

Don’t let your tanning salon sit vulnerable. Act now to put the proper precautions in place to secure your data, protect your business operations, and keep your salon up and running.

Are you ready to make the leap to cloud-based hosting with TanTrack? Our team is ready to serve your tanning salon with one of the top tanning salon software on the market. Request your free demo of TanTrack today!