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2024 Tanning Salon Industry Trends & Recommendations to Boost Your Business

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The future of the tanning market is optimistic. The increasing desire for a sun-kissed appearance, coupled with a heightened awareness of the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure, has fueled a rising demand for tanning beds, which offer an ideal alternative that is convenient and regulated. Furthermore, the market is expected to benefit from ongoing technological advancements in tanning bed technologies, leading to the development of safer and more efficient devices.

The current state of the indoor tanning market is also favorable, boosted by factors such as evolving beauty standards, the impact of social media, and the quest for a radiant complexion. Notably, the market is experiencing the introduction of cutting-edge tanning beds and self-spray-tanning options that come equipped with features like skin sensors, adjustable intensity, and enhanced safety mechanisms. Additionally, the availability of tanning salon services and products further contributes to the market’s positive trajectory.

As we head into 2024, tanning salon owners have the opportunity to embrace these trends and advancements to help grow their businesses. With these in mind, here are our top 3 recommendations to jumpstart the new year with business growth success.

  • Invest in Tech

The tanning industry continues to move the needle when it comes to tanning technology. New self-tanning technology, smart beds, spray tanning booths, and more have recently hit the market and customers are excited to try these convenient alternatives to a standard tanning bed.

Likewise, companies, like TanTrack, that offer tanning salon software continue to offer improved technology updates that help tanning salons grow their business, integrate new equipment, and get in front of their customers in a simple yet robust way.

In 2023, TanTrack launched several upgrades to the system that were based on direct recommendations and requests from its customer base, allowing TanTrack to truly be a cutting-edge, in-tune industry software. To build upon it’s service to the industry, TanTrack’s parent company, Nichesoft released Salon Tech Finder, an online database to connect tanning salons with equipment technicians.

Additionally, TanTrack partnered with Sunless Inc. to integrate with their new Mystic Tan self-tanning spray tan booth, a new advancement in tanning technology.

Finally, TanTrack offers strategic, user-friendly solutions, serving as a true “one-stop shop” of tanning salon software. Explore the full list of features and be sure to book a demo to learn what TanTrack can offer your tanning salon business.

  • Accessibility is Everything – Focus on the Customer Experience

One thing that will set your tanning salon business up for success in the new year is focusing on accessibility and optimizing the various point-of-purchase (PoP) options on the market. Many mom-and-pop-style tanning salons host all of their sales offline, in-store. With the way the industry is moving and the advancements in technology that salon owners have access to, this is a sure way to remain stagnant, or worse. The best way to combat this is to evaluate the full customer experience and create easy access options for customers to engage and ultimately purchase from your salon. Having the right software in place is paramount for this to be successful. Thankfully, TanTrack did the heavy lifting for you.

TanTrack tanning salon software offers a cloud-based solution that opens the possibilities of more PoP options. These options include an online storefront where customers can check out real-time availability and purchase sessions, packages, products, gift cards, and more. This option sets your salon up to be the most competitive within the tanning salon industry as well as retail sales in general.

In addition to the online storefront, TanTrack offers self-check-in kiosks, allowing customers to check themselves into a tanning session and also shop for goods and services. TanTrack understands that every customer is different and that salons need options to sell and up-sell to their customers. Embracing a user-friendly, accessible, and integrated, industry-specific purchasing process will be a game-changer for your salon in 2024.

  • Stay in Front of Your Clients & Prospects

Keeping your brand in front of your customers and prospects is a crucial part of any business. For tanning salons, having the tools to execute SMS texting campaigns, email promotions, automated reminders for birthdays, appointments, and more, in-store billboard signage, and more will help you stay top-of-mind year-round. TanTrack offers all of these options and more.

In addition to the software, we offer strategic insights and content to help tanning salon business owners like you remain vigilant and competitive throughout the year. Check out a recent blog article filled with helpful tips and ideas to grow your business during the salon busy season.

No one truly knows what 2024 will bring, but we do know that TanTrack tanning salon software will be the best partner, advocate, and service provider your tanning salon could ask for. Book your complimentary demo of TanTrack today to learn more about our software, features, customer service experience, and more.