The nickel-and-dime reputation of the credit card processing industry is no myth. Business owners enter contracts with merchant service providers (MSPs) thinking they have a solid handle on the terms. But inevitably, as the statements roll in month after month, the fees start to pile up.

Some tanning salon owners charge thousands of transactions per month across multiple locations, so they dismiss the fees as the cost of doing business. Others attempt to dig into the details, only to get lost in the $0.10 to $0.30 costs per transaction. By ignoring the reasons why these fees exist, salon owners are leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

Following are five ways salons consistently overpay for credit card processing and how to make it stop.

TanTrack tanning salon software was designed to be the central component of a salon’s point of sale system. It offers a client portal with online appointment booking, credit cards saved on file, and online shopping; a back office remote reporting module that can be accessed on mobile devices and manage employee time clocks; a kiosk as a customer self-service platform; and a hardware and software solution to create a programmable menu or waiting area video loop for your waiting area; data conversion from nearly all major tanning salon software; and cloud hosting.

We like to believe we’ve thought of everything when developing this software, and we have when it comes to credit card processing. TanTrack integrates exclusively with The Worldpay and Global Payments MSPs. We work very closely with our MSP partners to ensure our clients have access to the most competitive rates and features available.

When TanTrack customers process credit cards through Worldpay or Global, Nichesoft provides a limited promotional offer to get free terminals to our customers, reducing transaction fees and eliminating surprise costs. TanTrack also allows for two cards to be saved on file for each client, so if one is declined during a monthly membership charge, the system will automatically attempt the second card and make it primary. Other benefits are automatic nightly batching by the processor, so no more risk of losing the day’s transaction data if the power or internet go out.

TanTrack was developed with ease of use in mind, allowing the salon owner maximum control over the salon. To learn more about credit card processing fees or schedule a demo, contact us.