Guess What IS In THE NEXT version of tantrack?

Guess What IS In THE NEXT version of tantrack?

Guess what? We’re working on the next release of TanTrack, Client Portal AND Kiosk software! Currently scheduled for a May 2020 release.

Here are some of what’s new….

EFT Decline Remote Payments
Clients can already receive a text message when an EFT declines but NOW they’ll be able to click a link and pay the outstanding balance from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. This requires that you are using our SMS Texting platform AND you have your data hosted in our cloud platform. The two work together to allow the client to be able to pay remotely.

Digital Release Forms – TanTrack
TanTrack currently will print a release and merge client data into the release form you design. We’ve added the ability to store any number of documents with document expiration dates and you can print them, have the customer sign them, then scan and save them back to the client account. From there you can re-print them if necessary. You can then destroy the document and no longer have to file it away. However… keep reading! 🙂

Digital Release Forms – Client Portal
We’ve added the ability to display a release form (or any form for that matter) to the client and have them sign using their mouse or finger (if using a touch screen). This form will be then digitally stored on the client’s profile. No more paper or filing!

Digital Release Forms – Kiosk
Our kiosk system has a built-in touch screen. So why not use it for client forms too? We’ve added the ability to display any form to the client, have them use the touch screen to check boxes for acceptance, and even sign using their finger tip. The document will then be digitally stored on the client’s account. No paper, no filing.

We will have a few more additions before the release comes out. We’re pushing for May 2020!