Easy to Use Tanning Salon Software


TanTrack Tanning Salon Software

TanTrack is our primary software platform.  Designed for Windows and is the central component to your tanning salon point of sale system.  Over 300 reports and very easy to use!

Client Portal

Our Client Portal is an online client self service system that works on any modern browser via PC/Mac, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

Features such as:

  • Online Appointment Booking for tanning
  • Online Appointment Booking for Services (Hair/Nail/Massage)
  • Ability to Update Credit Cards on File
  • Ability to Sign Up as a NEW Client
  • Online Shopping for pickup. (No Website Required)

Back Office Remote Reporting

Our back office online reporting system offers over 40 reports that you can view remotely using any modern web browser via PC/Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. Some of the reports can even compare salon data when linked together in our cloud hosting platform.

In addition, there are many management functions available such as the ability to edit employee security, or time clock data.

TanTrack Kiosk

Our kiosk system is a customer self-service platform. Your new clients can sign up, and even sign digital release / waiver documents. Once their account has been created, they can purchase packages, products such as lotions or eye wear, memberships, services, etc. The system can be set up to work in a 24 hour tanning mode as well if your state allows 24 hour tanning services.

The kiosk system includes a PC with a touch screen monitor, fingerprint reader, and receipt printer. All housed in a sturdy professional-looking base that hides your cables completely.

TanTrack Billboard

TanTrack Billboard is a hardware and software solution that turns any modern TV into a programmable menu or waiting area video loop. You can control the videos and images displayed directly from TanTrack.

Data Conversion

We can convert your existing data from nearly all major tanning salon software. We’ve been in the business over 20 years so we can even convert data from software systems or versions that no longer exist!

Cloud Data Hosting

With data centers all over the world, we can host your data for one salon or link hundreds of salon locations. We can scale the computing power as needed for example adding more speed during peak tanning season, and decreasing during the slower tanning season. Or as your business grows, we can add more speed to accommodate additional locations. Your data is stored on secure servers and monitored 24/7 for intrusion attempts to make sure your data is as safe as possible.