TanTrack Tanning Salon Software

About TanTrack® Software

Tanning salon software was developed to allow the tanning salon owner maximum control over the salon. Our tanning salon software was designed to be completely user friendly and still provide all of the necessary tanning salon functions you need to run your tanning salon. Have Questions? Call Now - 877-488-2901


tanPanelsUsing TanTrack® you will no longer have to deal with mis-filed or missing client cards. Even correctly filed cards can take awhile to find thumbing through each one. With TanTrack® just a few keystrokes and you have your client. …read more


tanPanels2All of our client searches have smart technology. Each letter you press brings you to the next closest match for your tanning client. There are no more double stacks of cards,its all kept in one database and very quick to find your clients!
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tanPanels3TanTrack is the only complete tanning software application that will help you run your tanning salon or day spa to increased profits with endless features.

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What TanTrack® can do for you:

By far, the easiest to use tanning salon management software package in the industry!